Depth chart game 14.....Argos vs Cats

Fridays depth chart released.......several changes,as usual.....On Offense: fb/te-Deitrick returns from I.L.
rb/kr-Lawrence off roster completly(released?) replaced by Banks on returns,Simmons-ot on I.L. Wojt moves over from guard to replace him at tackle,Reinders as expected suits up for first time as reserve O.L. Collins-wr makes debut this season,off of P.R. Lauther once again handling f.g for 3rd straight game.

On Defense:only change on D-line is Richardson-de moved to I.L....L.B. sees Isaac get start in Murray spot,Murray moves to Backfield replacing Breaux(I.L.).....backfield changes see Stephen return from I.L. at safety,Bucknor moved to P.R.
King returns to back-up role.

Game day roster of 46 breaks down as 3 q.b/22 cdn/21 imp meaning that 4 man reserve consists of 2 cdn/2imp

2 Cdn reserves are Congi and either Campbeau or Stala......Team can go a number of different directions with 2 imp for sure is de-Marshall,I'm thinking that depending how team wants to play depth and at what position
other reserve can be 1 of either rb-Walker,wr-Collins or lb-Bussey(only 2 rb listed on chart,8 rec,8 l.b). Should be interesting,as usual to see how it all breaks down......Hopefully Wojt holds up as OT and Banks can finally solidify everchanging Kick-return spot,(5th different specialist this season). Thats all Folks....GO GET EM CATS EAT EM RAW!!!

OOOOPS!!!! :oops: screwed up,thought I was in Cat Forum,not here,my bad!!!! :? :? :roll: must be my "Sometimers Syndrome again!!!! If it interests you read if you wish.....but once again meant to be posted in Cat Forum,not here :lol:
This post is an explanation posted by me on main CFL forum page.Disrecard it all Cat fans and post to 1rst post about
Depth chart :cowboy: