Depth Chart game 11 at Calgary

Depth chart out for Friday Night Game of the Week against the Horsies of Calgary!!!!!
On Offense,not much to report,only change seems to be Figuero back in at tackle in place of Dile,rest of the O looks to be intact from last game.Once again no FB/TE as Delahunt and Deitrich remain on I.L. as well as Giguere also still on I.L.
Walker listed ahead of Moore at R.B. but Moore still listed as primary kick return man.Walker likely to on 4-man res.list once again.

On Defense the Cats have 4 line-up changes and 2 positional changes from last game.Bowman finally makes his season debut,as well as Prime both backing up J.J. in the middle,Plesius and Bussey both go on 1gm I.L. also returning to the line-up from I.L. are starter Breaux and b-up Safety King.Murray moves back to L.B spot and will split duties there with Isaac.Hobbs and Clarke also off roster this week Hobbs going on 1 gm I.L. and Clarke onto the P.R.. Scott once again starts for the inj. Beadreaux at D.E.

46 MAN ROSTER Ratio breakdown is 3 Q.B/20 CAN./23 IMP. meaning that for a second game in a row the 4-man reserve
will consist of 4 imp. players likely to be OT-Dile,RB-Walker,DE-Marshall and LB-Greene
3 designated imp. likely to be MLB-Bowman,RB/KR-Moore and L.B-Isaac

The Cats are looking for their 5 victory in the last 6 games and a possible share of 1rst place

LETS GO LASSO THOSE COWBOYS FRIDAY NIGHT!!!!!! GO CATS GO!!!OSKI-WEE-WEE!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :cowboy:

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Depth Chart is posted over at for this week's upcoming game versus the Stampeders. ... otes-stats

ON: Bowman, Breaux, King, Prime
OFF: Bussey, Clarke, Hobbs, Plesius

Murray moves back to SAM LB with Breaux coming back in at boundary side CB.

Figuroa back in at RT for Dile.

Everything else looks the same as far as starters from last week's game.

As noted, Bussey sits as Bowman makes his debut to the 46. Prime replaces Plesius. King replaces Clarke. Breaux replaces Hobbs.

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[url=] ... otes-stats[/url]

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I see they are showing Stala at WR again, I wonder if they know he's on the field. Maybe the OC should check the chart once in a while and maybe, just maybe, his number will be called.

Believe he was thrown to twice last game,the first resulted in a Burris int. and a 15yd face mask call against Stala,the 2nd if I remember correctly was a completion,can’t recall any other balls thrown his way in that game.

Here's Calgary's depth chart.

A few changes for the Stamps ... Mitchell @ #1 & Glenn @ #3.

A switch on the Oline ... Harrison in at right guard & Wilson slides over to right tackle. Federkeil is out.

Cote is out as FB & St. Pierre moves up the depth chart into his spot.

You don’t throw to a receiver if he’s covered, is it because he’s not fast enough or doesn’t have the moves to get opoen?
If Burris does a quick look and Stala just can’t get open he goes elsewhere it’s a quick decision. Why throw into coverage?

Will someone please tell me how the highly raked Plessius is doing this year. I wonder if his sitting out last year was a good/bad move on his part. I gather he tried out with an NFL team this year. Plessius was certainly highly ranked coming out of his 5th year at Laval.

Plesius has been playing special teams and backing up Johnson at MLB this year,don’t look for him tonight though,as he won’t be dressed and has been placed on the I.L.