Depth Chart for Winnipeg Game

Ok, why are some players not highlighted in black text?

For the life of me, I can’t figure that out.

Does anyone know?

Any of them that are white are player profiles you have recently looked at. Still in your browsers history. If you click on one that isn’t white then go back it will be white.

It doesn’t mean anything. Its really just a visited link browser feature that shouldn’t be working on a page like that because it makes it a bit confusing.

Bang on dude ... thanks

Depth Chart changes from last game are shown as 49 Pavlovic in/ 17 Brown out and 71 McIntyre in/94 Long out. But, both Brown and Long are not listed as Injured or Practice.(?)

Theyre not even on the roster..
Hopefully McIntyre can step up and have a good game.

Long is injured, that's why Mcintyre is in.

i thought caulley would at least be on the roster but clearly he's not,

Mcintyre is a bit bigger than most CFL DE’s. He weights in at 270 when most are 230-250. Hopefully he can get a good push off the edge.

i watched Mcintyre a bit during the pre-season game against T.O and he looked like he had decent speed for his size coming off the edge, :thup:
maybe if he can use that size and quickness to his advantage he'll make some plays.

we'll have to wait and see.

Ya if he can move them that extra weight is going be felt.

it's great that there are so few changes
in the starting line up from week to week.

If we can keep that up we will soon
have smooth functioning units.