Depth Chart for tonight

As with game 1, it appears Hefney will be the Sam LB, JJohnson moving inside to take his HB spot, Beasley replacing Johnson on the corner.

Not sure I like this. . . Hef is a better HB than LB, JJ is a better corner than a HB. . . square pegs and round holes. . .

That's the same as last week, MadJack. It got switched up a bit when JJ was hurt but that's where Hef, JJ and Beasley started against Hamilton. Clint Kent is still injured but should be back next week.

Yes I know Blue Blood. . . that's why I started my post with the words "As with game 1"

Beasley got picked on a little bit, but it works pretty well otherwise. Kent should be back in a couple of weeks.

Didn't see that part. :oops: It's more a move out of necessity than choice. Once Kent is back the others will move back to their normal spots.