Depth Chart for Tomorrow's Game

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Winnipeg's depth chart can be viewed here in PDF form. According to this entry on Drew Edwards' blog, Richie Williams will play the 4th quarter tomorrow.

Odd they still list Willie Amos at corner...........thought he was traded to Edmonton a few days ago.................

It says in WPG's depth chart that it was last updated on June 10th, so that may be why Amos is still listed there. And that depth chart seems to be the most up-to-date one they have.

Anyway, as for our depth chart, I find it interesting that Caulley is the only RB listed on it. Neither Smith nor Cobb are listed anywhere there at all.

I'm glad Siskowic is starting at MLB I think he's gonna play a big role on our re-vamped defence, he's got the energy, strength and quickness to be a factor in this position. Let's Go Cats!!!!

im also surprised only one running back in Terry Caulley is on our depth chart. I would think Tre Smith or DeAndra Cobb or even that other new guy Guillaume would think one of them would be playing also. I dont think it would be smart to have our very first game..letting Terry Caulley playing the whole time...if he gets injured...pray to god he doesnt...but say he did or injured his leg or something and needed to be out for a few series...who would take his place?? Darcy Brown??

Im a little confused with out depth chart for tomorrow..

For one, we only have one running back playing in tomorrows game...i dont get that...are we only going to mainly pass tomorrow?? i think we need a be successful

and another rookie player Cody Williams...hes 5'9", 190 lbs..and hes slotted as a linebacker...can a guy that small play linebacker position..shouldnt he be a defensive back..
thats just my personal opinion..

what does everyone think??

and whats this about Alexandre Gauthier already hurt?? we havent even played one game

I just looked at it:

And it lists two running backs, Caulley and Cobb, and three FBs, Sadeghian, Pavlovic, and Brown.

So I don't see why you're saying 'only one running back.'

It did have just Caulley earlier in the day but obviously it has been adjusted.

Depth charts mean nothing in exhibition games. Especially in the first one.

My guess is mostly starters in the first quarter, second stringers in the 2nd and then mostly just the raw rookies and CFL rookies for the whole second half. Coach Marcel has said each QB gets a quarter but besides that position it will be a rookie dominant game playing time wise.

I noticed that earlier also. First time I looked at it only Caulley was showing.

I also notice a new snapper is being used. Good to have depth at that position as with Setta and Stala also.

At the "controlled scrimmage" on Saturday, all but maybe 5 plays were passing plays. I don't think we will try to bang up our backs to much. We need to really work on timing on passing plays in live game situations.

I am not concerned with our running game. We should be saving that for the regular season. We have a great line that will be opening up holes and blocking for our QB.

Who is listed where on the depth chart may not matter very much. But what I found interesting about it was who was listed on it versus who was not listed on it. In other words, it seems to be the only list of players who are going to Winnipeg.

As Drew pointed out on his blog, linebackers such as Floyd, Knowlton, Mariuz and Barrenechea are not listed there. To me, that makes sense, as the team seems to be looking to see what the rookies at that position can do. Thompson and Rodriguez are also not listed there, as we already know what they can do.

Other notable players missing from the depth chart are Morant, Doneff, Tisdale, Carlson, and Allard-Cameus, but I understand that at least some of them are not there because they are injured. Are there any other notable missing names that I missed?

Bingo. Winning tomorrow means nothing, the team needs to work out the kinks tomorrow. I’m not concerned with winning as much as crisp technical stuff.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we lost by a large margin, and I wouldn’t be worried in the least.

I'll be more worried if we win.

2-0 the last 2 years and look what happened once the regular season came 'round.

I'll take 0-2 this year.