Depth Chart For Tomorrow

The only starting change i can see is Walker in for Cotton.

Other than that we are going with the same roster from last week, looks like Cheatwood and Ranek will both be starting.

No sign of Cavil yet either.

Cox is starting and Armour is moving over to take Mariuz's starting job at left linebacker. Troy Cunningham on the roster as well as Collier. Dunbrack and Cotton both out.

Good call i didnt notice the linebackers at all... now that im done my coffee i promise to be more alert.

I like that mix of Linebackers much better.

Good moves on D. At LB, Mariuz didn't make as many plays as Cox and Armour last week, so he shouldn't start. And I'm very anxious to see how Walker and Collier do platoooning at DE. In his limited reps in regular season games last year, Walker showed a great ability to jump up and block passes, but now he has the chance to showcase his pass rushing skills as a starter. Collier has a real knack for getting sacks, and could be a big asset, depth-wise, to the Ticat pass rush if he can regain his old form.

Goss and Martin have switched sides in the secondary.

Why is yeast still starting? :lol:

Beats me, you brought it up though.

Would love to see Ralph make a start and that would make room for Bobby Brooks to start.

But Hey, Yeast could surprise us all and play with heart.

ya it was kinda a joke because everyone says how bad he is but ya. and dont worry he will come up with a hudge game. :thup:

Keep throwing rocks and eventually you'll hit water...

So just because Cox makes one good play that means we should start him over Mariuz? Mariuz played great last week…

I do think Cox has more speed than Mariuz and that could be the reason...

Did i mention that i like Bobby Brooks? LOL

yup but keep saying it because this guy should be starting.

i would like to see bobby brooks start at middle with mariuz and barenechia at outside! i think barenechia would do better at outside!


He's too slow for the outside, there's no way he can cover backs and receivers.

But Auggie is Marshall's boy, so he'll start no matter what, even if we had Ray Lewis in here Marshall would start Auggie.

No sign of Cavil yet either.
Cavil was listed as the 3rd Slotback

Crash, Yeast play with heart? Don't you have to have one first to be able to play with it?


you haven't figured it out yet have you? Auggy is a great player, he is fast enough to cover the RB's he did all last year and the year before. They bring in compition all the time and he continues to prove that he is a starter. He is starting b/c he is the best one for the position. Don't you think the coaches would know...since that is their job, and you and i are fans...key word is fan. So if you are not a fan you probably should not post on this site. I have faith in our team. Same thing with the Yeast thing!

I dont get it...

I think he is saying that #5 NEEDS a heart in order to play with one. ie: he DOES NOT have a heart.

Eh, I'm not convinced that the coaches are always right. Im still a firm believer that Jykine Bradley should be starting...