Depth Chart for Tomorrow - Avon in Chevy Out

Looks as if Avon has earned the #1 spot back. Hope he has another good game on Friday for us and keeps it. No disrespect to Chevy, just if Avon keeps his spot it probably means we won the game.

Walker is out of the Winnipeg game because he hasn’t really been practising with the first team this week. According to Drew Edwards, Walker will likely be ready for the Montreal game on September 28th. This is where the Walker-Cobourne decision will have to be made, and it better be the right one! 8)

Sort of a nice problem to have when both are healthy I guess.

I like the terms Lightning and Thunder! I wonder if Cortez will ever create this storm. It would be great to watch.

Hennessey's on there, which may mean they're concerned about Dile's condition. One, from among those two and Colclough, will be a Reserve. My guess is that Colclough will dress, considering that Ray has been taken off and put on the PR.

The other changes from last week -- Eiben back, with Hood to Injured, and Bruce Davis also to Injured meaning Boudreaux is back in uniform.

8) "Thunder and Lightning", brings back great memories of the TiCat duo of Jimmy Edwards and Doyle Orange, back in
   1977-78.  They were the original Thunder and Lightning for the Cats, and what a tandem they made together.

Cortez won't dress both of them because neither of them return kicks... If Cortez was smart he would scratch Rutley, Start Cobourne and dress Chevy. Use both of them on the field at the same time, and for Special teams use Onrea Jones and Sam Giguere. Giguere can't catch balls anyways.

Walker returns kicks, he's done it earlier in the year.

Since you brought up special teams, I don't understand why Williams isn't back there for kickoffs too instead of Giguere. Use him like Toronto uses Owens, every opportunity to get the ball in his hands.


His effort is atrocious and he is maybe 1-15 on the deepball, which he usually drops

When the numbskull announcers at TSN finally say something sensible
It’s time to sit up and take notice:

Last week Avon Cobourne not only rammed his nasty little self down Edmonton’s throat
He put on a clinic on how valuable a running back can be protecting the quarterback
And even managed to get a pretty good looking ST tackle
The guys at TSN were right:
There’s more to being a running back than getting yards on the ground
(Just ask Milanovich about Corey Boyd)

Cortez has made some pretty dumb decisions this year
But nothing approaches the decision to sit Avon Cobourne in favour of Chevon Walker
Heart…plain and simple

It’s a little understood fact that the majority of football games
Come down to a 60 minute wrestling match between the offensive and defensive lines
And the team that wins is the team who’s lines tire last, gain the ultimate leverage
And is basically the last “man” standing

A back like Cobourne endears himself to his offensive line by picking up their mistakes
And protecting their quarterback…there’s no question
But what really gets them pumped is a back…who at the end of the game
Can turn the tide in that “sumo-struggle”
Smash his way through the opposition’s defences and discourage, disappoint
And ultimately defeat them

We used to have a saying in the 4th quarter
It’s “Avon Time”
And while you could see how annoyed Cortez was at Avon’s mouthing off during that interview on TSN
(the same mouth that basically got him fired from the Alouettes, regardless of the official bull story)
Cortez is showing himself to be a priggish, vindictive little man
When he puts his own feelings ahead…
Not only of the fortunes of his team
But of their feelings as well

I said it at the beginning of the season
And I’ll say it again:
Last week should have made that clear enough
Even to a head coach as blind as Cortez

Stick with Dueces, I will take a consistent 5 yard running back any day over a 50 yard one play, 3 yards the next running back. Running in the CFL isn't just about making yardage, it's about forcing defences to guard against running consistently and keeping them guessing on 2nd and 5, 2nd and 4, etc.

I have figured that one of the main reasons this team has had so many two and outs is because Walker has not been very consistent in gaining us rushing yards. Cobourne does seem to be more consistent. And it looks like this next game really his his chance to demonstrate that he should be in the lineup and not be scratched again.

It's interesting how Colclough is listed at LB behind Campbell on the depth chart. But if he plays, I think he'll be used mostly on special teams.

Funny. You do realize that Cobourne was the starting RB last year in the EDF Final, right? You know, the last time the Cats had a chance to "go somewhere".

It's not all on one player.

He's a rookie... and should be playing in the slot....and "drop" is an interesting way to put it. I would argue that he hasnt "dropped" many balls this year.