Depth chart for tommorrow

Some interesting points.
-Dylan Barker is listed as starter :thup:
-P-Rod is listed as starting over James :thup:
-Jykine Bradley seems good to go also :thup:
-Ito's first CFL game. Good luck :thup: it's all here.

Only 42 of the players on this depth chart will actually be dressing

Nick Setta is not playing at all this game. Neither is Sandy Beveridge.

Chris Bauman appears to be dressing.

Interesting that they would start Rodriguez over James...

What??? Setta isn't playing?? I thought Ito was released?

Sorry.....just found the other thread.

Wow..I hope P-rod is 100%...that would be a huge plus for the O. Bruce, McDaniel, Stala and P-rod...sounds good to me. :cowboy:

I just looked and P-Rod is listed behind James.

They must've just changed that because they had Beveridge listed as backup safety but now it's Glavic.

Why so many fullbacks?

Alot of them are ST players.