Depth Chart for today

What jumps out at me:

  1. They list SJ Green at WR (backed up by London) and Stafford at slot; I'd move SJ inside to the slot, and either have London or Stafford at WR.

  2. I still fail to understand Thorpe's rationale for playing Brouillette at safety ahead of Edem;

  3. Glad to see Lavarias back on the line where he belongs; not sold on the guy with the bad haircut at MLB, but let's see; at least it's his natural position, which it was not for Lavarias. With Lavarias at "MLB" officially, we were basically running a 5-2-5 defence with him up on the line most all plays. Given how Messam ran last time out, we're going to need a run-stuffer in the middle tonight, and "run-stuffer" does not describe Lavarias.

Edem has turned down an extension, it is possible the Als may have decided they rather build with guys who are committed.

Well it's a chicken and egg situation isn't it? Have they demoted Edem to backup status because they don't think he's committed to Montreal, or did Edem turn down an extension because of that demotion?

  1. I agree about Green at slot which he has always played. It might be just a depth chart error.

  2. While Edem has more athletic ability, Brouillette is a Thorpe pet because of his football intelligence.

  3. With his injury history, I just want to see the guy with the bad haircut make it through the entire game. And your friend McElveen may have to play a role in stopping Messam.

And I`ve been scratching my head at Bo Bowling being the guy replacing Taylor as returner.

Can you really blame Edem for turning down an extension at this point in time?

Hard to blame Bowling. The guy has been in and out of the lineup so many times hard to get any rhythm going.
He has had some good run backs when he actually had the chance.

Taylor has not lit it up either when he was on the field.

Again the ST return unit is as bad as it has been in years. Different returners same results!

Unfortunately very true.

Not at all, but I don't blame the team for deciding to go with Brouillette either.