Depth Chart for Thursday

Well maybe it's a misprint, but here it is:

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Two things pop out at me, and I'm not sure I like them:

  1. Kai Ellis is in his first game, but he's listed as backup MLB to Mackey. Don't like that idea anymore, am impressed with Mackey and we already have Dwayne Taylor to back him up. Putting Ellis there means we will still alternate Acholonu and Bowman at DE. I'd rather give Ellis the DE spot, I think we're fine now at MLB, but Acholonu and Bowman have not impressed me.

  2. Dave Stala is listed as a WR, leaving Thyron Anderson in the slot. REVERSE that please! Stala is a natural slotback, and Anderson is a natural WR; stop trying to force square pegs into round holes (now watch both of them get 100plus yards on Thursday and expose me as being an idiot).

Chill man, the depth chart doesn't mean jack (pardon the pun :wink: )when it comes to back up positions. They just put them there but it doesn't mean they'll play there.

Very true Marty, when its game day and someone gets injured the coach is usually going to send in the guy closest to him who can play the position!

I swear, when I was playing once in St-Bruno, I usually play linebacker and our runningback had to sit out a play. I think I was listed as 3rd string runningback or something but i was next to him so he told me to go in right away! They made me run it, I got 10 yards lol then I went back to the sidelines...

MadJack, Acholonu has not been bad so far. Not stellar but not back. I expect him and Ellis to take turns in the DE spot so that Ellis does not have to play a whole game on a freshly healed wound.

Beside, I think the Als like Taylor on the outside. He was listed behind Butler for the home opener, while inefficient Eskimo Michael Botterill was allowed in at MLB to concede Kevin Glenn its only offensive TD of the game.

As for Stala and Anderson, maybe the Don lists them this way to play mind games with the Ticats DC. With the Don, this could very well be…

Oh I agree Acholonu hasn't been bad, didn't say he was, just meant he hadn't impressed me and Mackey has impressed me, so I'd slot Ellis in at DE and give him a look see there first. If we're going to take someone off the field to give Ellis a shot for a series or two, I'd rather sit Acholonu down than Mackey.

indeed, mackey is a force..did you see those arms??

i think calvillo should stay in the game but he needs to work on thos sideline passes