Depth Chart for Thrusday Released!

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Why is Caulley a third string at RB ?

why is Tre Smith not the KR or PR?

i do not agree with those things

i thought Jermaine Mays would start as well but he is backing up Rontarius Robinson

Caulley is hurt, so Tre Smith will be the scatback against the Als.

They must really like Cohen because it looks like, in addition to Cohen being the main kick return guy, they also bumped Miles to SB to let Cohen start at wideout.

Terry Caully Is hurt.

I don't understand why tre isn't starting at pr/kr but eddie cohen had a good return agianst the bomber.

And Timmy Chang is not on the depth chart!

I didn't think COHEN was that great of a returner.IMO

Chang shows up on the injured list.
I think Cohen and Smith will share the return duties. Somebody has to show first on the list I guess.

Actually I just took another look, and the four guys assigned to returns are listed alphabetically if that means anything,

ok thanks for clarifying the caulley situation :slight_smile:

i no cohen had a good return against winnipeg but then they've got Willie Ponder listed as the second returner :?

did ponder even have a single decent return?

Good to see Bradley starting on the corner.

So I like the Depth but I have one problem with it.
Thomas over Cakva at RT ..

Thomas Holds alot .. Why He was let go from Riders..
I rather Start Cakva..

How may time will we have to hear #65 holding on Offence..

Why did they not cut this guy..

Looks good to me, almost identical to mine from last week lol.. although i did have Cavka over Thomas,

Is Chang actually hurt?

I still think that he has a lot of potential in the CFL and with the Ticats.

Absolutely. I don't think we've talked about him much. I'm really glad he's back, so to speak.

No surprises in the depth chart. I wonder who the fifth receiver will be. I hope it's Woodcock.

I look forward to seeing the new faces on D, especially Mariuz and Knowlton.

Is Bauman not dressing because of injury or because of his play?

Bauman is injured

On a real positive and somewhat quiet note
Ryan Glasper just came in to camp and took the safety job.
I am real excited to see what he will bring to the secondary. I am expecting big things from him!

He is a tough hitter!!

hmm i gotta wonder why french isnt starting.. hes always reliable.. cohen i didnt see to much greatness from...

Jason French and Pat Woodcock will get a lot of plays
when the Cats line up in their 5 and 6 receiver sets

which we will be using much more than
the standard 2 backs 4 receiver sets.

Fans may be suprised that veterans
like Charlie Thomas and Pat Woodcock

will be seeing a lot of action.

I sense that the team is opting to use
all the experience they can muster

fearing that the newer players might
suffer from serious first game jitters

and panic the first time they make a mistake.

There is no harm in breaking these guys in gradually.

I was slightly surprised to read in the Spec that Caulley is hurt.

He did have an ice pack on his left shoulder on the sideline during the Argos preseason game, but so did Lumsden. I thought maybe the trainers had them both doing it as some kind of precaution.

Finally, the active roster is "in"; we know the 46 active players,the injured and the practice roster.

The 46 player active roster is made up of 26 Imports and 20 Non-imports; only 42 -22 I and 20 N - can dress/play; for this reason, 4 Imports will not play; these 4 should consist of: 1 WR ,1 RB, 1 OL and 1 DB.

Why only 1 on practice roster? Too cheap? No quality available?


Starting lineups look good to me. I know Tre Smith looked impressive in preseason, but the coaches seem to like Cohen. I'm sure Smith will see some return duties.

The defensive secondary looks like the strongest group as a unit. I can't believe I just said that, after last season. But I say that not because the other areas look weak. I really think this is going to be a good group out there. Finally Jykine Bradley gets into the starting lineup at the beginning of the season! He's always played really well but usually only plays a couple games a year because he's injured. Hopefully he stays healthy. Linebackers are very small. I'm not sure we have enough beef back there.

The 2008 Ticats overall I think look like a good bunch. I guess all we can do now is wait and see tomorrow night.

Looking at the interactive depth chart...Can they not get a head shot of Casey Printers in a TiCat jersey? It is his second year with the club :lol: