Depth chart for this weeks game

Some interesting choices.
3 Import listed as starting on the O-Line.

Newly acquired Terrence Patrick is slated as the #1 DE ahead of #2 Dickerson and #3 Charlton Keith even though he is listed as a DT on his bio.

Cavka is not a big surprise. We really need to get the o-line going, both in run blocking and pass protection. You sure get the impression that Charlton Keith did not impress last game. To me the secondary continues to be the biggest concern, and that's scary when we start 5 imports. It's hard to see us staying with or even competing with the Argos for very long.

I thought McKay was out with a bad back. Glad to see him in though. Go Cats.

Glad to see Woodcock listed as a starter. He was quite impressive last week. One of the few bright spots. Showed he still has good speed and the ability to get open.

Cavka at left guard? Interesting...

What's nice is the fact that they are starting the exact same secondary for the second straight game. Continuity is key back there and I believe it took us until about week 10+ last year for that to happen.

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Looks like someone that can help us s-t-r-e-t-c-h the defence, something we haven't done in quiet some time.

dont see jojo walker listed on it.

I am interested to see that Cavka is starting at gaurd. He is tall and skinny at 6'7 295. Gaurds are shorter and larger at the belly usually around the 6'3 6'4 range and around 320-330 pounds. I would rather see Charles Thomas at gaurd where it is harder for the refs to see him holding if he does and Cavka at right tackle.

can someone post a Link to Depth Chart Please.

Its in the news menu.. 3rd from the bottom.

Anyway, here is the link: ... _team_id=6

Thank you Zenstate :slight_smile:

Walker apparently injured?

Anyways, nice to see most of the players in the same position as last week.

Hopefully Moreno and Mariuz step it up tomorrow.

I want to see the whole team come out and show how hungry they are, i want to see them pumped, get angry ffs, win!!

Was he even on the field last week? How could he get injured?

Players do get injured in practice. Its not uncommon at all..

JoJo injured his elbow in practice before Thursdays game.

Oh in bad, I was thinking solely the game for some reason. I didn't remember seeing him at all so that's why I was wondering.

Obviously I know it's not uncommon for someone to be hurt in practice.

You sure get the impression that Charlton Keith did not impress last game
8) In reality Keith only impressed me in 2 games last year of the 4 or 5 he played in !!!! He was actually invisible the other games !!!!
 I would think he had better pick it up this week or he could be the next casualty of releases !!!!!

He had some good chances at sacks in the Als game, but he didn't play the outside shoulder and AC was able to spin away as Keith was too far inside. Once he calms down and gets in a groove fundamentals wise, I think he will be better.

2 imports and 2 non-imports have to sit this one out: I think the imports sitting out this week will be Mays DB and Keith DE (since they’re listing him third on the depth chart). A couple of possibilities for the non-import spots. Two of these three will probably sit: Rempel OG, Reid DE or Nedd S. Sean Manning DB has to dress as he was taken off of the Stampeders practice roster.

8) It is not a given that NML will play tonight at all. He will be a game time decision because of his back problems !!!!!
 If he can't go, he will have to be replaced by a Canadian, either Clinton Wayne or Jermaine Reid !!!

 This game could get ugly !!!!!        <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->