Depth Chart for the als game

A few Big change's On offence Jason French start's at Wide out with Jason Armstead Backing him up Darnerien McCants at he other Wr. Nate Curry and Brock Ralph with Chris Baumen and Jo Jo Walker backing them up

On Defence Tay Cody Starts at Safty!. And Matt Clark start at db and at the lolb postion Michael Harden Take Ryan Glasper place

And on the Special Team's Jason Armstead will return the punt's and will return kick off with jo jo walker

I don't get why Beveridge isn't starting.. he has earned it. Shameful.

This forces them to start a guy at weak side halfback with no CFL experience.

I just don't get it..

Well, look who's still at WR and who is not.

cut brock ralph, this guy is soft, he cant block, he wont go over the middle, ive seen tougher tissue paper than him.

I argee We Have Jason French and Chris Baumen As Candian wr and Brock Ralph Allways run out of bounds
I Meet Brock Last year he is very cocky

Puzzling. Cody's a standout at HB, why move him to safety, where, as far as I know, he's never played? I agree Beveridge earned a shot there. I don't like forcing round pegs into square holes, so I'd not move Cody, but then it's not up to me.

I like Jasaon french But i don't know why you start him there instead of bauman (and i doubt it because of the drop)

the guy doesnt choose the plays. so dont say he wont go over the middle

I thought Harden was cut during training camp and West was cut this week??????????? (They are both starting on D, according to the depth chart).

Tay, please send Cahoon into next week.

With Cahoon you need someone that can bang inside and cover deep. Sandy is a little shaky dropping deep into coverage.

I don't know about Harden, but apparently they cut West and brought him back the same day.

Yes, Tay. Please do. Worst part of going on the Montreal trip is hearing

"Bennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Cahoooooooooooooooonn"

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Offensive Depth Chart

64 Donnelly, R. and 66 Cheron, P. are backing up the O-line

87 Bauman, C. is backing up 80 RALPH, B. in the slot.

77 Walker, J.* is backing up 84 CURRY, at the other slot

1 Armstead, J.* is backing up FRENCH, J. at W.R.

Hamilton Defence


31 Bradley, J.*

Defensive Back

2 CLARK, M.*


4 CODY, T.*
22 Gauthier, P.
12 Karikari, R.
19 Beveridge, S.

Defensive Back



29 GORDON, L.*


32 ARMOUR, J.*
44 Mariuz, R.


16 MORENO, Z.*
39 Barrenechea, A.


23 HARDEN, M.*
40 Glasper, R.*
6 Jackson, J.*

Defensive End

70 Dunbrack, R.

Defensive Tackle

93 HODGES, H.*
99 Reid, J.

Defensive Tackle

90 WAYNE, C.
96 Bekasiak, J.

Defensive End

43 WEST, M.*

Personally, I would have opted for Tay in zero coverage against Cahoon, especially in a blitz package. This promises to be interesting.

I am so confused as to how you get this!?! I have met the guy many times and of all the players he is the farthest from cocky. I heard an interview with him once talking about why he doesn't do end zone dances and if you ask me he sounded like one of the most humble people on the team