Depth Chart for Stampeders game

WR Grant and Kelly ( MacKay, Mahoney)

SB Stala and Williams (McDaniel, Thigpen)

Lee starting at DB beside Hinds at CB

So with all that talk about what receiver we should cut during training camp, who saw us having a game with Kelly, Grant AND Williams starting. It is crazy how things change during a season. Great move to keep all three of these young studs. I think Kelly is going to do well at slotback, I'm excited to see him play again.

EDIT: I didn't even notice that Lee starting, what happened to Carlos Thomas??? T-Lee is not nearly as good as Thomas IMO, I hope he can hold his own against a talented Stamps receiving corps. I believe in all our players though, I hope T-Lee has a huge game! :rockin:

On the injured list. Not sure if he is actually injured.

I know he is on the IR but I was wondering why he's injured. He is definetly hurt, we wouldn't put in Lee over him after he had a great game. He was injured during the Sask game so maybe a reoccurring thing?

If he isn't injured, he should be in there. The Cats' secondary was lights out against Montreal and that's no mean feat. .. no way would I tinker with the secondary if it wasn't necessary, so I would have to presume it's a legit injury.

Found this on AM900. He will be out for a while I assume.

AM900 CHML Tiger-Cat DB Carlos Thomas will not play in Calgary. He went to the General last night for an emergency appendectomy. Terrance Lee is taking his place. 3 hours ago

OH i heard that report but didn't catch the name of the person, figured it was just a random person. Yea my mother had her appendix removed and you can't lift anything over 10 pounds for 2 weeks-4 weeks. He will be out for while. Maybe Rwabukamba can break the lineup? He is back practicing this week, but I don't know if he can play half.

Don't forget about Daniel Francis, folks. He can play all three positions in the secondary.

I actually was just saying that, why not move Shivers to half and Francis at safety or vice versa? wouldn't that make a lot more sense that starting a rookie? Well the depth chart has been wrong before so lets see who actually starts.

According to Drew Edwards that's how the depth chart looked at practice.

The depth chart may not be 100 per cent accurate, however. My tired eyes observed Daniel Francis at the safety spot with the first team and Jason Shivers on the wide side half where Thomas has been.

I wasn't sure if he was injured.

While I know the secondary, as a unit had a great game against Montreal, and I even recall a few very nice plays by Thomas, I wasn't sure if his overall performance was satisfactory to the coaches because I know he's had a few struggles earlier on in the season.

Hope he gets well soon!

Anybody have any idea how long he'll be out of the line up?

Got to watch to see if Burris goes after Lee.

Rambo won't play for the Stamps tomorrow, so that helps.

I referred to my mother getting her appendix removed earlier in a post. She could not lift anything over 10 pounds for a month. Dr. said 2-4 weeks before she could. It depends on how fast you can recover, its different for certain people. My guess would be over a month.


How did I miss your post? :oops: