Depth Chart for September 27 at Winterpeg

Irons and Sutton - sweet. Let’s Smash that football.

Hadn’t really looked at the 6 game list this season and I see that we have 11 players on there - at least a couple who won’t return this season. Had no idea!
That includes at least 5-6 starters and 2-3 key STs players (like Frey and Langa). Yet the team keeps rolling along and winning games. Much is made at times of the injuries some other teams are working through but nary a peep about the Ticats. Credit to the coaching staff for having these guys ready to compete at a high level every week!

Wow. Just saw that Nichols had season ending shoulder surgery. Not sure Streveler can get them past the Stamps

Of the Top 12 QBs as ranked by passing yards, only three will start this week. Three are injured, one has been demoted, one has reverted to his backup role, one has a bye week (BLM), two are part of a bizarre “QB by committee” situation in OTT, and one is currently suspended for ripping off a linebacker’s helmet and swinging it at his face.

Our entire D-Line is on this list! 8)

It’s nice to see Howsare on that list.

He doesn’t quite get the spotlight or recognition of Davis, Teddy and Wynn but Howsare is quietly having himself a very good season.

Should be good on the ground tonight !

I’m in China so I will know the final score by noon. I’ll let you know so you can place your bets with confidence


Did I miss something, did Adeleke lose his starting Safety job to Daley?

I noticed Daley playing there last week but assumed it was due to injury.

And management knows bettwer than us fans but when you see our backups on D. Nobody officially behind Murray and all DBs and with Murray an option to cover for one of the DBs in the case of injury it seems to leave the D unnecesarily exposed.

Adeleke apparently got nicked up just prior to the last game against Edmonton, so Daly had to start. He must not be fully recovered yet.

Tunde’s nick may be ongoing from the game in Calgary. Mike came in and almost (sorry almost) broke up their late td pass. Nevertheless, Adeleke’s not hurt enough to not be dressed and Daley may be better suited to stuff up some of Streveler and Harris’s runs.

I like Daly but there were times last year when he got beat on the deep ball. Also had trouble wrapping up tackles.

That might have been why the Cats went and signed Adeleke. A chance to upgrade the safety position.

However it is another year and hopefully Daly has learned from any of last year’s deficiencies.