Depth chart for Saturday's PS game in Toronto now online

You can view it here:

With most of the vets sitting out, it’s going to be an ugly game. But I’m still pumped, thank god for the radio.

A few things jumped out at me, although not all surprises.

  • Thigpen is officially listed at slotback. :thup: This probably doesn't mean much at this point. But if he stays this way for the year, it begs the question of who the "second" RB is going to be, and also is that the nail in McDaniel's coffin?
  • Stephenson is listed as FB, and Barrenechea isn't on the roster. I can't remember - is Auggie injured? If not, does that mean he's 1st string? And it's a competition between Brown and Stephenson? Another one to watch (or in my case, listen to).
  • Singfield and Ezeff are listed at LB. Very interesting. Shows Chamblin's touch, wanting everyone to be capable of playing multiple positions.
  • Wilbur's injury must be worse than they were saying, as they've left him off the roster. If Medlock performs well, as he probably will, that's probably it for Wilbur. Unfortunate, as I liked what he brought to the field last year.

I'm quite sure Auggie is injured.

Joining Wilbur on the sidelines Thursday: defensive back Marc Beswick and fullback Auggie Barrenechea. Receiver London Crawford went down with a leg injury near the end of the session.
[url=] ... k-cfl.html[/url]

From yesterday, there is this:

I'm back at training camp this morning and the following players are not practicing:

P/K Eric Wilbur

FB Auggie Barrenechea

DB Marc Beswick

[url=] ... -camp.html[/url]

And hopefully Wilbur will be able to play next Wednesday. I would like to see him attempt FGs at IWS, where it can be hard to kick FGs, or at least that's what I kept hearing when Sandro was here.

Anyway, Barker may be staying right where he is at safety? Because I heard that Chamblin might not leave him there as part of experimenting he'd doing?

I really hoping for Big Game From Aaron Kelly #81

I reallty an Hope this guys makes our Team..

I love his Size and way he gose after Each Catch
He is Balls to wall like there no Tomorrow
If He don't play well they may not be.

He is starting at Far Side Wideout today

Personally i’d like to see Bakari Grant do well, he’s basically the same except faster.

Be nice if we could keep both who knows..