Depth Chart for Saturdays game

Keith gets the start at RB...Caulley backs him up

Kashama starts at DE

Bauman is back in the line-up after missing last weeks game

Siskowic backs up Anthony at MLB again

Has Printers as the starter.
I can not see Casey missing his first trip back to B.C.

Cohen is back, no Jo Jo

Bekasiak backing-up at Left Guard.

Woodcock and not Cohen as the second returner.

Boden looks like he is making the trip.

Kasahama opposite NML as Canadian bookends at DE.

I still wish they would give Zemaitis a week at corner ahead of Gordon to see if he can play.

not that impressed that jo jo is sitting again.

why is jojo out again? he did a good job last week on returns.

who is going to return kicks? tre smith who hasn't done anything on kick returns since the preseason?

Terry Caulley should return kicks...he did a great job against B.C a few weeks ago

Still no Ernest Jackson.

Does this guy really exist?

Terry Patrick moves inside at DT

Nautyn and Alain give us 2 speedy rush ends.


We won't see Casey except in an emergency

and I can't see Terry Caulley playing at all

JoJo made some bad decisions last week. There were a few times he let punts bounce when he shouldn't and one deep punt into the Ticat end that he watched roll out of bounds when he could have dinged Winnipeg with the no yards penalty.

He had 4 kickoff returns averaging a decent 18.2 yards. However, he had 4 punt returns averaging only 7.2 yards, and 0 receptions for 0 yards.

These may not be the reasons the coach made his decision, but they show JoJo didn't make much of a case for himself last week.

please he did just fine returning kicks last week. and the reason he didnt catch any passes was because they didnt put him out on the field. jo jo has been our best reciver when he plays.

While I agree that Jo Jo has done well at receiving, Tre Smith is a much better returner. It appears that generally whenever Miles is in the lineup, Jo Jo is out as they both play the same position. I'm not sure why, but it almost appears as if someone has something against this guy. He certainly could back up Miles at the slot if Tony is to start. I really think OB has something against having too many small receivers in the lineup.

tre might be a better returner but i think jo jo should be playing for his receiving skills alone. when he dresses he is a force out there.

8) Only in our dreams !!! Boy, for a guy that everyone thought was going to be such a good receiver, it looks like he won't even get into a game this year !!
 Surely it can't take him this long to learn our complicated offence  !!!!               <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

 They will probably release him at the end of the season, without even getting a look at him under game conditions  !!!

With McKay and Kashama starting at the ends, I'm a somewhat surprised that this far into the season, we still haven't found a decent import end.

I don’t see Reid in the line-up…anyone know why?