Depth Chart for Sat. Pre season game in TOR

Looks like Laurent, Filer, Simoni, Owens, Gable and Fantuz are the regular starters that won't dress

FYI - The first major cut-down day is June 14 as all CFL teams must reduce their rosters to 65 players (excluding non-counters) by 11:59 p.m. … The final cut-down day is June 18 as all CFL teams must reduce their rosters to 46 active players (excluding six-game injured list and those transferred to the one-game injured list) by 10:00 p.m.

And now the club has, at last, acknowledged on, if you click on "Depth Charts," rather than "Roster,"that there is a #6, a #73, a #82 and yes ... even a #74 .... but,I guess that's another Storie. :wink:

[url=] ... at-TOR.pdf[/url]

If the Depth Chart is accurate, 17 of the 86 players listed, on the accompanying Depth Chart Roster, won't play in this game:
Owens, Woodson, Lawrence, Page, Hunter (suspended, but still listed), Gable, Faubert-Lussier, Scott, Anderson, Troy Davis, Filer, Bomben, Uren, Fantuz, Gill and Coleman.

is this game televised?

guess JM is the starting qb. intersting i thought they woulda went with Mathews

Underwood at slot - interesting. Could be a good spot for him. Tall lanky guy with long reach and good vertical.

No Cleshawn Page a CB. Wonder what happened there?

Sears JR. and Lankster at SAM? That will be a spot to watch. Not so sure about those two.

Other than Laurant and Page the starters look like they might be the opening day D.

Don’t forget Simoni as well at WILL. :smiley:

For those interested here is the ArBlows depth chart for tomorrows game. Ray listed 3rd on the QB chart, McPherson gets the start backed up by Kilgore. Hickman(#7)and Hall(#4)both starting , Bulcke isn't listed and doesn't appear to be playing in this one, former Cat Brandon Isaac backing up Keon Raymond at SAM.

dont think Brian Bulcke is even ready yet has not even practiced once yet

That D front 4 looks soft for the Arblows

More like a FAT 4 :wink:

Interesting to note that we have no punt or kick returners listed on the depth chart. I wonder who will be doing the job in this game considering that Owens isn't dressing and Speedy isn't yet in town ?

Speedy is in town, but i don't think he will play
Let the kid Mike Jones return punts and kicks(our #3 pick this year)

He did it in college, the kid can fly!!

keep your eyes on #95 Delano Johnson the guy is a beast hes listed behind Big John so it wont be long until hes in the game. the Arblows QB,s best fear for their lives lol