Depth Chart for Oct. 29 in Calgary

The depth chart for this Friday's game in calgary is posted.

Offence: No changes (as in AB3 is still there - yea!)


In: Steele, Lankster, James
Out: Hargrave (PR), Heyward (PR), Hebert (Inj)

It'll be interesting to see if and where they play Lankster. And also to see who the four reserves are.

Im hoping AB3 is one of those reserves. This will give him some more time to rest and also give Fish more game action. Im also hoping Lankster make the cut because ive only heard good things about the guy.

While I'd like to see Fish given some playing time, I think it's more important that we lock up second place. How late can they leave the cuts? Can it be a game time decision? As in, if Toronto loses, leave Bruce off?

Again, I can see them trying Lankster out in the secondary some if Toronto loses, but otherwise he's either cut or mainly ST.

Crap. I was looking forward to watching Hebert play. Drew says he'll try to find out what's going on. If AB3's hamstring is wonky I'd rather see him sit this one out and be fully recovered for the playoffs. We might have to play Calgary again in four weeks time so being unfamiliar with our star receiver should work against them.

If Toronto looses the early game, I think they will rest Arland! At least thats a wise move in my opinion!!

The Reserves will be Reid, Steele, Belton Johnson and one of these three -- Fish, Bruce, Lankster -- likely one of the first two.

Reserves are named 1 hour prior to kick-off. However, any reporter who attended the team walk-through in Calgary today could take note of who's there and who's not. Reserves generally don't make the trip.

Just on CHCH News, Alrand with not be playin Friday Night!

But will Arland? :smiley:

Him neither.

I've always though Alrand hasn't been used properly. He's been almost invisible in the schemes.

Alrand hasn’t caught one pass all year. Don’t even know why he’s on the team.

Like um, i'm like um looking forward to like um watching like um Ellis Lankster like um do his thing and maybe like um get some defensive playing time cause like um I think he could be a good one.

Sorry couldn't resist :lol:
Just poking fun, don't have a hate on for the guy or anything like that.

lmao - i almost bit and wrote "Are you serious right now?"

Well played.