Depth Chart for Oct 18

Nevis and Rice, I'd guess, as the Reserves.

New left tackle could be a concern not for lack of talent (yet to be determined) but because of lack of chemistry with the other OL players- Figs lasted just two games before being injured again :frowning: :x

Great to see Andy back in the line up. Collins did a good job the one game that he did play earlier in the season. At least JC caught the ball and will start ahead of Aprile who has had issues with hanging on to perfectly thrown passes.

Who is this Howard at left tackle! That name doesn`t appear on any active or practice roster.

Hmm Collins over Aprile!?!

I believe a poster called that one, dont remember their name though.

Good call whatsyourname

Practice roster call up. Howard was picked up on waivers from the Bombers a few weeks back and is indeed listed on our PR,he played in 14 games last season with Winnipeg . He's a big boy listed at 6' 3" and tipping the scales at 315 lbs. He also has NFL experience playing with the Bills in the 2010 season where he started 4 games for them. He obviously must be ahead of and more impressive than ex-Cat and Bomber Marc Dile at this stage who is their only other option when it comes to import O-L as a replacement for the oft injured Figueroa who can't seem to stay healthy and seems to spend more time on the IL then the regular roster lately.

Well we're in decent shape, now! Knock on wood that we stay that way!

I'm thinking the D is going to have it's biggest game of the season this week. Just a feeling I have.

Cord Howard our new LT in a game last year against the Riders.......

Feels pretty close to as healthy as we can realistically hope to be after 14 games when you exclude those that have no chance of returning this season. Possible changes to come to the starting 12 on either side of the ball if everyone active stays healthy and those that are coming back get healthy:

Grant in for Collins
Gable in for Ford
Figs in for Howard
Tolliver in for Underwood (maybe...)
Murray in for Stewart

Anyone else? Does Washington make the starting 12 if/when he's healthy?

As much as it's nice to speculate what happens when guys get healthy, the bigger priority right now is keeping the guys on the field this week healthy.

It's not really Collins over Aprile.
It's Fantuz ahead of Aprile and Collins in for Grant.

Also, Tolliver >> Underwood.

Washington if he does come back this season, I don't think will be a starter , he might be a possible DI replacing perhaps a Gainey or a Caldwell but I don't see him cracking the starting 5 in the D backfield.

As for the question of Anyone else ? I think ya pretty much covered everyone with the possible exception of maybe Johnny Sears but I'm not sure if we will see him again this season. The knock on Sears when he was in Winnipeg was that while he is a great player, he was injured more than he was healthy and it appears that it's happening again now that he's in Hamilton.

Personally I would like to see Washington over Gainey, I think he has more upside.