Depth Chart For LDC is up

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The chart has 23 imports on it, meaning the reserve will be all imports. Not looking good for Cobourne to be playing today, unless Walker sits this one out. Which might be the case, as he isn't listed as one of the returners this week.

Maybe it's just me, but I only counted 20 imports, not including quarterbacks. This would mean 3 Canadians and 1 import would be on the reserve.

:oops: You're right, I had forgotten to exclude the QBs when I counted the imports on the roster page. So only one import on the reserve.

However, given the fact that Walker is listed as the starter RB, and Rutley is listed as a kick returner, it's still not looking good for Cobourne. But it could be a ruse, that Rutley's the odd man out, with Walker handling kickoff returns, and Cobourne switching in for Walker on some plays.

According to what Drew Edwards is reporting, it's highly unlikely that that's a ruse, as you can see here: ... r-day.html

I expect Cobourne to go back to being scratched again, and it's quite possible that that last game may have been his last in this league.

I expect Rutley will get a bit of a look in the backfield this game and, unless it's a total disaster, your prediction on Cobourne will come true.

Did Thomas get hurt in Montreal? I don't recall. If he wasn't injured, and fairly seriously so, moving him to the 9-Game is a strange move. If that's the case (not injured) It suggests they've given up on him for this year, but want to keep him around badly enough to continue to pay him, but will keep those dollars from counting under the SMS cap.