Depth Chart for Hamilton Game

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Interesting who's listed at the top of the QB spot...

Keep them guessing up until game time, good ploy by the coaches.

Some interesting line up changes, Hicks at SAM and C Smith at WIL, I don't mind the shuffling around, gotta find that right combination in the LB'ing corps.

Nice to see Renaud back, we will need the extra field position he provides with his punting.

Looking forward to seeing who is returning punts and kickoffs this game for us.

Bob Irving said this morning he thought Beasley was gonna get a look at returner.

Hoping that's the case, would like to see what he can do.

The LBs should be eager to please this week. Hope they can help take away Kev's short game.

Also worth noting that the Dline is going to be the same group that dominated Hamilton in week 1.

Neon Deon Beasley, I've actually been hoping to get a glimpse of this guy in action. Not that there's anything wrong with JJ, but it's nice to have a set of fresh legs back there, especially late in games.

And the d-line has to keep up the pressure, would help if they got a hand or two into the passing lanes as well, with a smurf like KG they should be able to knock a few down.

Tight man coverage off the line is the key to disrupting KG's short game, gotta bump those receivers and throw the timing off, if KG has to clutch on that first read, the dline will swallow him up.

No excuses now, having seen each other 2 times, both teams should be well prepared and know what to expect from each other.

If this isn't a slug-fest to be won or lost in the trenches, I will be very surprised.

Couldn’t agree more…pressure and disruption. Even just a split second disruption on the receiver’s route can throw the timing off. And Kev isn’t exactly known for ad-libing. Then comes the pressure… :wink:

I'm going to the game in Ham. Just want you guys to know at least one fan will be cheering for the Bombers at Ivor Wynne!

Awesome! I'll be watching for you Dan... lol

Have a good time Dan and watch out for that onintwo character, never know what he might do should the Bombers come away with the W. :wink:

…i’m looking forward to seeing Beasley in action as well…the unknown factor is always a good way to upset the opposition…as well as keeping our starting line-up, let’s say ‘close to the vest’ can be a little confusing for Bellefuile and gang …Seeing as we are becoming so familiar with one another…every different angle helps :wink:

…KG , the smurf :lol: (good one pigseye) better be ready for the same type of game he experienced in the Peg…watch the ‘weeble’ wobble…he better have his ‘escape’ plan ready :lol:

.....good to hear...i hope our guys give you lots to cheer about :thup: :rockin: :rockin:

LOL...KG...aka 'Ducky Smurf' :lol:

Thanks, guys. I'll be 10 rows up behind the Bomber bench, look for an old fart with a mustache. Probably wear a gold coloured shirt, like to wear Bomber colours to these games. The fans in Ham. are pretty good people, my son wears his Stegall jersey, no problems ever. My son isn't going this time, but I'm taking a friend who's never been to a football game, so I'm looking forward to his reaction. He's leaning toward being a Ti-Cat fan. Maybe the boys can change that with convincing victory!

Usually you can't read to much into the depth list, but in this case according to some media leaks Buck is ready to go!!! :rockin: