Depth Chart for Game 2

The Als depth chart for game two:

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Defence is, for the starters, exactly the same as last week (Proulx returns as backup safety).

On offence, Vilimek returns at FB, but Stala and Girard are still out. So the chart lists Watkins and Wilson as WR, Cahoon and Anderson in the slots. Edwards, Diner, and Eckert are the extra receivers. Personally I'd like to see Anderson and Wilson switch positions; I think Anderson is more effective at WR, and I think Wilson might be better suited to the inside role. I'd also like to see more of Terrence Edwards, he was rather impressive in Game 1.

I look for a better passing performance on Saturday. Winnipeg's secondary played very well against us, but Hamilton's played a very soft zone against Toronto; if the Cats come with that again I think Calvillo will pick them apart (just stay away from Jason Goss please).

Yeah I also would have liked to see some more of Terrance Edwards... oh well if the other receivers dont perform(which i dont expect) they'll put him in the starting line-up. Anyway, has anyone heard how Terrance and Robert are with each other in the locker rooms?

I hope Ezra would come back soon!