Depth chart for Eastern Semi-final

Some interesting points -

  • Jeremy Kelly is on the practice roster and Liam Mahoney is in at wide-out
  • Daniel Porter is on the practice roster and Daryl Stephenson is listed as ACs back up
  • Matt Carter is back on the roster when it sounded like he still had a bit to go

The Jeremy Kelly move suprises me a little because I thought they were high on him, maybe they liked what they seen in Mahoney instead. As well, Im a litte disappointed Porter wont be aware there are special teams/ratio reasons that hes benched in favour of Stephenson...still wanted to see him get in there though.

Im glad to see Carter is back and healthy though, heres to hoping he snags some TD's tomorrow!

Well this "depth chart" is a load of doo doo if as reported in this thread:


Stevie Baggs is not playing tomorrow. Is it too much trouble to release an accurate depth chart? :oops:

It makes the team look a little bush, imo. :thdn:

The depth chart includes the four reserve players who don't dress for the game. So either Baggs is one of the reserves, or MB is giving out incorrect information in order to mislead the opposition.

No surprise at all there. Thigpen moves back in the starting lineup, and Aaron Kelly takes Jeremy Kelley's spot as the DI. It's not a decision between Kelley & Mahoney. Mahoney takes the non-import backup receiver spot, especially important with Matt Carter just back from injury.

Also, confirmation from Baggs:

@steviebaggsjr Stevie Baggs
Ratio RT @AndraeT81: @steviebaggsjr why u aint play bro?

ok, so the depth chart I see has Baggs at DE. Must have been a typo.

It’s been a problem all year, chewbaca, and not just for the Ticats.

Edmonton, with Rich Stubler in charge of the D, has run a 3/4 base defence all season (as Stubler has always been wont to do).

Rod Davis has been one of the two MLBs in that defence. He hasn’t played a down on the oustide all season.

Yet, every time, they list him as an outside LB on their depth charts.

Go figure., thanks for pointing that out...especially with some just plain common sense and nothing inflammatory, not all have that ability. Anyways, it was saturday night and lets just say I had more then a couple beers getting ready for/watching the game and I didn't take the designated import spot into consideration. Lol...Ryan Hinds please come back soon!