Depth Chart for Eastern Final

As expected Marshall is the RB, with Irons & Bennett backing up.
Shortill remains on the Injured List and Langa is Active, after missing 6 games.
Watford is listed as #2 QB, ahead of Moore.

Tomorrow’s Eastern Final lineup

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No Sutton, Marshall in

Solid and healthy lineup.

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Looks like an awesome lineup, Marshall is going to go beast mode!

No problem – 2 “vets” double-teaming on the depth chart. Here’s a link to the better chart, along with EDM’s and some interesting things to read in the games notes:

Is Tyrell Sutton injured?

He is on the one game injured list.

As is Shortill who is a Special teams demon. :frowning:

Is this the most dangerous receiving corps we have fielded in the 21st century?


Thanks for the info thought he was ok to go Marshall is another good back so we should be good Go Cats Go

Looking at how many have dressed, by position, in games this year, I guess Tucker will be the Reserve.

Thanks guys! A lot of anticipation for this depth chart.

Tucker will see alot of action. Very explosive player both on offence and special teams.

Gibson: In my post, which prompted yours, I was saying Tucker is most likely to be the player designated, tomorrow, as the Reserve, which means he will not dress.

I understand.i believe he will be the lone backup receiver replacing Jalin Marshall.

I disagree. Looking how they’ve done it in previous games this season. I believe DE Mauldin will be the game day reserve.

But were the players consulted?

Maybe it’s the old “you don’t lose your spot because of injury.” trope. Marshall been here all year and played good before injuries