Depth Chart for BC Lions v Hamilton Tiger-Cats will be Interesting

I didn't I'm going by what a Winnipeg reporter said on Twitter. He already has a grey cup ring.

Apparently Lirim also banked enough cash during his career that he has no need for a paycheque.

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He was coaching football in Ontario at a kickers camp before heading to the states, Domagala is one person who was at those kicker sessions

So we know he has no future in coaching.


Snarfed beer time !!!


All I see is one questionable Canadian.laurent.dont we have bennet as backup.ste at running American backup linebacker?

Mason Bennett is a DE so doesn't play Tackle Full Time can come In at Tackle for certain plays though

How much of this falls on Reinebold? Both Bertolet and Domagala have strong legs. The accuracy issues could/should be easily corrected with film study, practice, minor adjustment of technique. Yet here we are going into Week 14 with the same issues.

Nerves could of played a role in that one miss Domagala had that mattered most . Not sure what Is up with Bertolet misses last game . The last miss could of been injury related but not sure what caused the first miss .

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At least the extra point that Domagala missed when it could of tied the game hit the upright so wasn't off by much and during one missed field goal he Made a touchdown saving tackle .

Sure. He seems like a decent kid. But the standard kicking % around the CFL is around 85% or higher. (Paredes, Ward, Whyte)

That's why I wish Domagala all the best and hope he can improve to that level.

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i think domagala has the ability to improve and hopefully he has a great game vs bc if he does get moved to active roster due to ratio and due to bertolet dealing with a injury .

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If they thought he would be back by now, then either he led them to believe it, or they just wanted to believe it. In either case, as a professional GM, you don't do either without a backup plan. And since the backup plans (Bertolet & Domagala) have shown themselves to be incredibly inconsistent at best, it behooves you to find another solution. What you don't do is stand pat & hope for the best.

I'd make the same assertion for our O line & Cdn content issues.


Have you ever tried not to hit a slice or a hook ? The game can get in your head . Look on the bright side , Jimmy Camacho isn't our kicker . Now there's a guy with issues .

Hopefully , Bertolet's injury is not long term .

Pat Lynch (the dude of many years)

They have the exact same percentage, so for all intents and purposes we do have Jimmy Camacho.

Crash (still fighting my own slice)

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Start with a good grip . Make the club head follow through to the target . Hit the ball with 75% of your power . Your top speed should be at the bottom of your swing (the 12" before and after contact) . Don't overthink it :roll_eyes:

Pat Lynch ( got 45 rounds in this year)


Use an out-turn instead of an in-turn, and you'll be OK.
I guess @PatLynch was saying to use draw-weight instead of hack-weight... No sweepers though.
(Have you tried seated curling like the para-athletes? Relying almost entirely on arm strength and no sweeping takes incredible skill).

So he could play end and mauldin could play a pinch simoni is our designated canadian

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Camacho. Even kickers we release still screw us.


Team game.
How dare you blame the 3 missed FGs in the 4th quarter on the kicker?
Could have been the snaps, holds, temperature, someone might have yelled something as he was kicking it.

Do you think you could have kicked better?

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