Depth Chart for BC Lions v Hamilton Tiger-Cats will be Interesting

So the Tiger-Cats have successfully defeated the 2 teams that they are supposed to defeat. Three games left in regular season, each subsequent game building with a tougher opponent . . . starting with Friday's Home game v. BC . . . a game that we, the fans, expect our team to win.
BUT . . . the Ti-Cats' braintrust is going to have to start the week by conducting an inventory of players who can be counted upon to contribute to leaving that stadium with the desired result:

  • first of all, underlying all of these injury issues are some challenges that the 'Cats will have with managing the ratio moving forward;

  • it was mentioned in the Elks' game thread that Taylor Bertolet may have a leg injury; if he is "replaced" by Domagala that may free up an Import spot on the roster;

  • the O-Line played very well v. Elks, but sustained another injury. First of all, they already seem to be nursing Darius Ciraco back to health, and the 'Cats have been using a ratio rule to allow them to replace him with an American at Centre. Two potential issues with that: a) John Yarbrough left the game with his own injury; and b) they are using Brandon Banks' status to allow them to employ another American along the O-Line . . . is Banks going to be wearing a helmet at THF on Friday night ?? Let's hope Ciraco is good to go on Friday - we need him back v. BC.

  • Continuing with the O-Line . . . Jordan Murray sustained an injury (I believe during practice !!) just as he was rounding into form and locking down that LT spot. Travis Vornkahl has stepped up and very quietly filled that spot on the roster. The silence means that he is doing his job very well. The fans may not have noticed, but I am sure it is recognized in the dressing room.

  • Switching to the D-Line, I believe Julien Howsare is enjoying his best season in the Black & Gold. But he is currently nursing an injury & I believe Lorenzo MauldinIV played very well last night . . . that is positive. But as I mentioned in the game thread, Ted Laurent is our anchor in the middle of that D-Line, and right now he is struggling with a wonky knee. If they choose to give him some time off to restore the strength in that leg, the 'Cats will need to free up an import spot to get either Wilson II or Autrey II into the lineup (lots of Roman numerals on our D-Line!!).

As I said, the 'Cats have some big decisions to make before they tighten up those chin straps once again.

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I think Murray Injury happened during a game actually and its a ankle injury since he had crutches and a air cast during the game vs Ottawa . Agree Mauldin looked good last night at DE so he has improved which is a good thing in 2019 Mauldin was better at filling in at DT then at DE .

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I would be surprised if Kelly isn't suspended
So Adeleke to SAM and Katsantonis to Safety


Defensively, if the league does suspend Kelly, then Adeleke starts at SLB and Katsantonis at S. That would enable Laurent to have a game off.

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Assuming, of course, we have enough National depth on Offence. Employing Domagala as P/K will help, but at what cost?

Is it possible for :canada: Domagala to be worse than :us: Bertolet??
Whitford is a good punter and would be missed,
Punters, while are important for field position, they don't miss important points on Converts and FG's

He cost us a chance at OT in Toronto with a missed PAT.

So what's the standard here? Lessor of two evils?

No it is a citizenship thing, the ratio

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It should be a find someone better from the 893 US colleges thing.

Lancaster would have had kickers lined up down the street trying out until we found better.

That still doesn't solve our ratio problem

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It's asinine that we even have to discuss this.

We being the collective fanbase.

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I was replying to this ^^^

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I get it. And I'm not challenging you. It's a logical suggestion. Is the bad Canadian better than the bad American?

The fact that we're in this position a year and 11 weeks later is absurd.


double post

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In fairness to the GM tandem we have Liram jet setting around the US who they probably thought would be back by now and JJ Molson languishing on the Green Bay practice squad.

Ps some of the missed FGs were terrible kicks. It’s one thing to pull/push it wide it’s another thing to mishit it completely. The fact that he missed the entire field kicking off is laughable because we won but yikes!!!!


When the plan relies on a player not currently under contract you know it's bad.

True but I hope the current plan relies on someone not under contract. Playoff run in questionable weather with either of these two guys is a bit (lot) scary.

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See O'Shea, Michael and Giftopolous, Peter: "Hold our beer..."

Lirim doesn't want to play in cfl now , Winnipeg tried to reach out to him before trading to get Castillo rights

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How long ago did you talk to him ?