Depth Chart for B.C.

Looks like Caulley has returned backing up Cobb.
He is not listed as a returner

Matechuk will be the long snapper.

Long is listed as back-up to McIntyre

McCuaig is dressed as a back-up along the line.

Bauman gets the start at one WR spot.
I was reading Perry Lefco's column at Sportsnet and he mentioned that the Argos wanted Bauman as part of the Arland Bruce trade and Obie would not give him up.
I do think that as the year goes on, Bauman will become a valuable part of the offence.

And finally Arland is 4th on the WR depth charts and listed for both PR and KR duties.
I think he might be a little higher than 4 by the end of the night. :wink: