Depth Chart for Aug 3rd

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Thanks Kirk....much better! :smiley:

Kirk's post didn't do any harm but YOURS did Mikey. Can you stop?

I've apologised and changed the graphic.

How was I supposed to know it didn't fit on your screen?

It fit on mine no problem.

Unlike yours, mine was completely unintentional.

It's been changed. You okay now?

Thanks....much better! :smiley:

they should move holmes to WR, bench ralph, this team has the most useless WRs that ive seen, holmes is a effective receiver.

Ralph is a SB, not a WR.

The Wideouts are Talmen Gardener#83 Chris Bauman #87 and Darnerien McCants #85

And I look for those WRs to play very important roles this evening. Look at Winnipeg's depth chart for the game on the defensive side.

They are vulnerable I suspect on the corners. One corner is Greg Moss, who is naturally a DHB, and the other corner is Ian Logan, who is naturally a safety.

Round pegs in square holes; I'd be throwing to the WRs against them all night long. Beats trying to go deep down the middle and having Kyries Hebert take their heads off.