Depth Chart for Aug. 14 @ Winnipeg

no real surprises

john Williams and Jonta Woodard have to start because of the ratio.

why williams over caulley
why not reid over adams
or beveridge over glasper
or woodcock over walker

No real surprises?

Sez T.Miles will dress
so is Chad Rempel.

Woodard is back? Rempel didn't look that bad when he went in for Hudson last week from what I saw. The Cats really need to sign some nonimport olinemen to the practice roster and find someone and somehow get away from having three imports on the line. The imports are needed elsewhere.

Caulley not starting is just a joke right?

The depth chart is just a formality. It isn't like those players are playing every down.

They’ll be a lot of Substitutions

what team in league history has ever used 3 american olineman ...or even an american kicker even though i do like Setta

Right now i'd continue to use glasper at safety as he is starting to get a reputation as hard hitter which will keep the opponents honest and besides they ahve no decent canadain to play there with barker out ..

i guess one improvement was no longer using an american at fullback that was a waste

Well when you have your 2 starting Canadian Guards go down plus Jesse are going to end up having ratio problems.

Caulley's not starting cuz Woodard is. When Caulley goes in, so does Rempel, replacing Woodard.

these depth charts list all available players for each game. four players and 1 qb wont dress for each game. just because a player is listed doesnt mean he will play

Yea got it, I had no clue Williams was a Canadian.

Do you even need to ask?

TSN is saying Rempel is in for Tre Smith. Who will run back kicks? Caulley?

Caulley and walker will run back kicks i assume.

Woodcock can run back kicks, can't he?

When one clicks on Depth Chart

Offence, Defence, Special Teams
are listed...scroll down.


  1. J. Walker
  2. T. Caulley
  3. P. Woodcock


  1. J. Walker
  2. T. Caulley
  3. P. Woodcock

And T. ‘Tre’ Smith

Somebody tell me if I am wrong

46 men dress

4 of them are in reserve

some may never go on the field

but re: 7 Canadian starters

I think the team names the 7
at the start of the game.

We have usually used 5 NI
on Offence and 2 on Defence.

If one NI comes out we have to
put an NI in somewhere else.

I don't see us using John Williams [much]

so how are we going to keep Caulley at RB
when we aren't using 2 NIs at tight end?

or Woodcock as a 5th receiver
and Piercy at full back?

Doesn't Rempel come in for Cavka when Caulley comes in?