TOO BAD that JAMAL is not ready to go
But I noticed EIBEN played well on first downs and 2knd and shorter yards
while D. Harris played well in 2knd and longer yards
Usually Sumners comes in for T.Davis on 2knd and longer as well ( Passing situation ) .

I hope Bkari is 100 % and I sure noticed Markeith's presence and Summers looked pretty good as did the entire line and defence for that matter . Tisdale hasd a great game as sis Bo Smith and the entire secondary .

It seems Peguise may be the odd man out on the DLINE ...While they take a look at Summers ...
I still see Peguise as our best pure pass rusher so I'd find a way to get him in there ...

I hope Burris ,Cortez ,O'neill , T .Davis and Tisdale have some buddies on the Calgary Roster that will give it a good fight in Edmonton .

Tate and Glenn will both be playing to see whcih one will be the starter in the playoffs ..So we are lucky that this competitive scenario exists and Cornish needs 50 yards to have the most rushing yards by a Canadian in a season.

Two things:

Why is Marcell Young listed ahead of Tisdale?
I hope they're not going to dress Derrick Summers over Brandon Peguese.

On the defensive side of the depth chart it works from the bottom up, or name closest to the position block/marker.

Thus it's Tisdale starting & Young backing up at short-side corner.

I was fine with Summers rotating in at DE. Perhaps he's healthier at this time than Peguesse.

With just one change among the 46 (Peguese added / Murillo to Injured), this is the most consistent the line-up has been, from any one game to the next, all season. And, it may be that the very same 42 who were in uniform Saturday will dress again Thursday. Reserves will likely be Hennessey, Young (I too wonder they're listing him as a starter on 2 of the 3 styles of Depth Chart), either Peguese or Summers, and Kelly unless he replaces Grant. Looking at the Roster the "look-see" is over for DB Sam Pope, LB Philippe Dubuisson-Lebon, and WR Bogden Raic. Also gone are LBs Alex Joseph who played one game and Louie Richardson, who play two.

On the Blue chart, there are 8 who played in Regina on Saturday that aren't listed for Thursday:
QB Ray, RB Kackert, SBs Durie and Mann, DE Flemons, and all 3 starting LBs McCune, Ball and bad boy Isaac.

[url=] ... 100956.pdf[/url]

As nice as that is for the Tiger-Cats, it certainly isn't for Toronto fans and the Eskimos.

I think Marcel Young over Tisdale is just the person that updated the chart decided not to change the chart from last week . Last week Marcel was listed above Tisdale and I am not even sure he dressed.

I think PEGUESSE will dress over someone since last week they claimed he was injured . Now he is not .

Summers is decent and so are the other 3 DE's but Peguesse is the best DE they have .

I'm not too worried about Johnson sitting this one out, as I don't think there's any need to rush him back into the lineup, with tomorrow's opponents apparently seeing this game as a preseason game. Likewise, Peguese may still be recovering from an injury and perhaps it would be best to have Summers play more at DE. And I expect Summers to be motivated against the team that dumped him.

However, it may be a mistake to read too much into who is listed where on the depth chart. Tisdale played very well last week and Marcell Young as scratched. So I don't expect Young to play any more than Tisdale.

Consistency in the secondary is someting we haven't enjoyed all year.