Depth Chart for 2023

Just finishing work so saw this only now.

I could change the title to 2024 or the OP could.

I think it is better, however to do what was just done and start a new thread. Unless there is serious objections for reasons I am not aware of I will close this thread in an hour or so and you can carry on the same topic in the 2024 thread linked below.

As an aside, I see that there are some threads that remain overly ripe and might benefit from a renewal or yearly designation as is being done for many recurring threads, especially general discussion threads that are often annual. One of these is the CFL discussion thread (non Ticat) which is up to about 3500 posts and was rumoured to be started by either Homer or Plato. I won’t Bull and China shop it, but if that makes sense to the majority someone can start a similar thread for 2024 and I will close the old one. One other point is that threads limited to a year are much easier to search for and to find what you are looking for in if you ever need to do that.