Depth Chart for 2023

Here is what we have so far. Who do we go after and who do we re-sign???

BLM, Kam Kelly, Santos-Knox, Rolle, Tim White, Wes Hills, Simoni ( I have a feeling he will dominate), Shiltz, M.Johnson ( got better as the season went on) are my for sure guys

I am on the fence with Collin Kelly as he was brutal in the playoffs
Richard Leonard had great stats but was beat whenever it mattered it seemed.

great offseason thread!!
Is that my boy Joseph written in as the early MLB? Love for him to win that battle.

After the Grey Cup I will switch my Ticat thoughts to this.


I really think Tim White is the first one that needs to be signed. The combo of Addison and White should be lethal


Kelly takes too many offside and procedure penalties that can be drive killers . His feet are not that quick . Maybe Van Zeyl is back at RT or we go younger and quicker at that spot .


They may give Saxelid a chance to start there next year. My guess is they let Kelly go and try to keep Brandon Kemp and bring in a couple more young Americans to compete at either tackle spot. If Van Zeyl comes back I suspect they ask him to take a massive pay cut and be a sixth offensive lineman backup on game days. Bringing him back at full salary as a starter doesn’t make sense.


Agreed, and head scratching why the Cats player personel struggle so mightily to bring in OLine import tackles.

The last decent one I can remember is Figueroa many years ago and he couldn't stay on the field when here.
Always injured.

Cross is a SLB, way too light to be a MLB. Wilcots is American

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No doubt that Figueroa was and still is an awesome O-Lineman but IMO the last good and decent one we had was after we let Figs go and replaced him with Ryker Mathews .

The problem has been since Mathews left we have had nothing but a steady stream of different American players coming and going along the line with no continuity whatsoever .


Thank you I have updated

Brian Simmons and Jonta Woodard played OT for 5-6 years with the Cats . Dave Hack and Travis Claridge were pretty solid . Hack and Claridge were on the 2005 team. I hope that's not too far back in history for some . After all history started in 2 000 right ?

Travis Clairidge had the best single-game career of any O-lineman.
His story is a complete tragedy, and he was taken from us FAR too soon.

Well that helps the argument. Simmonds was 2011, Woodard 2004.

This management were leaning heavily on Travis Vornkahl as their savior 2 years in a row.

I would go so far as to say Dave Hack was possibly THE dominant Offensive Tackle of his era...

Much better, that is Nic's (Cross) natural position.

And Claridge was the best OLineman I ever watched play for the Cats in his very limited Ticat career.

Blocking both Montford and a DT with ONE HAND was impressive to see...

that was the game, i was so worried Montford would take over the game and TC said I got this guys.

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And in the next game, his quadriceps decided they no longer wanted to be attached to his knee. Oxycodone and pneumonia were his curse.
IIRC, Peter Dyakowski ran into the same problem and the results were almost dire. Thankfully, he pulled through.

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