Depth Chart for 10/3/2010 Game

Here it is:

You'll see that Hinds is listed as a starting CB, and that Heyward is not listed as a starter.

The only other difference from last week's depth chart is that Steve Schmidt is taking Fournier's place as the backup FB. If you check the roster, you'll see that Fournier is on the injured list:

Yesterday, Drew predicted that these changes would be made: ... ctice.html

One other little move on the Depth Chart has McIntyre lining up between Hickman (on his left) and Bolden (on is right). Last week he was right of Bolden with Baggs on his right.

Noticed in CFL Transactions that the Cats registered IMP DB Lenny Wicks as re-signed on Thursday, but have yet to account for him anywhere on the roster. I guess he may be considered as "in transit" and may be kept that way until the PR limit expands to 12 for a month, starting Wednesday. (Wicks was previously on the PR for a month starting in late July)

Thanks for the head's up, BYF!

Oski Wee Wee,


Obviously they feel comfortable enough with Hinds. He was tested 4-5 times in BC and more than held his own. He plays the easier side anyway. I really liked his closing speed in zone cover. I was at the game and saw it first hand.

It's being done so they can use an all american D-line and rotate Kirk in so I'm guessing Reid gets the 4 man reserve this week. The D-line was great the first 8-9 weeks but has really fallen off. They do have a lot of sacks as a group but the last 2-3 games they have not had consistent pressure at all.

Not a problem, Russ.

I see that McIntyre and Bolden have switched places after looking here:

A subtle difference between this week's and last week's depth charts. Good catch, OC.

And thanks for pointing out what you saw firsthand from Hinds, Zen. It'll be his first CFL start, but it is against the league's worst team. I also think Reid will be scratched.

I remember Obie praising Hind's performance in the pre-season. He said that with just a bit more development that he thought he could start. Apparently it only took him 10 weeks or so. The guy was a med student so he certainly has smarts and is a couple years of schooling away from being a doctor. Good thing to fall back on but he certainly expressed a lot of interest in a playing career when the Cats interviewed him.