Depth Chart EDSF

Is it just a money thing why the league only allows 42 men for a game? At both lines, secondary and receiving corps we will have one backup.

I expect Hebert to get the nod over Heyward.

Only change, from last week, among the 46-man roster -- Matt Carter on, Belton Johnson (Reserve last week) off.
Unless the reports of McDaniel's speedy recovery are smoke, the Reserves will almost certainly be Thorton, MacKay, Steele and James.

McDaniel looked great at practice yesterday including a tip-toe catch right in front of me. The team looked confident and ready as well. This team will beat Toronto handily and will be playing in Montreal in just over a week, imho!

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Glad to hear that McDaniel seemed to be at top form at practice yesterday. I was a bit worried. I hope that doesn't mean that we won't be seeing Thigpen downfield catching passes.

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