Depth Chart – EDSF – Sunday, November 10th, 2013

Depth Chart For The EDSF versus Montreal this Sunday is up over at ... otes-stats

On Defense it’s the standard front 7 with Murray getting the start at SAM LB.
Breaux listed as Boundary Side CB. Davis as Field Side CB.
McCullough & Hobbs at DB
Stephen at Safety

On Offense Ellingson gets the start at 1 receiver. Jones, Grant are the other starting import receivers. Fantuz & Giguere the NI’s.

Both Delahunt & Diedrick dressing @ FB/TE

O’Neill lone back up OLineman dressing.

Banks listed as KR/PR

This is pretty much our best lineup possible . I assume Murray and Isaac will interchange and Murray may pla a bit of wide side corner . Isaac did great against the Argos but has not doen so well in other games . He is a vicious pass rusher and run blocker when used right. In passing situations then Rico can be guarding a reciever instead of isaac .

If Tasker were in there then this would be our ideal lineup so it's pretty close . We have the home field, health , plenty of preperation and wildcat like tricks up our sleaves so we have a good chance for a win providing we play smart , intense and execute properly .

I think we have to rattle Smith And try to use Gable more by allowing Delahunt and Diedrick to handle some of CJ's usual blocking responsibilities

Guessing the reserves is a little tougher this time around. Charbonneau-Campeau should have lock on the non-import spot, on the bench. . Tasker pretty well has to be one of the imports. Then who? I'm thinking Walker and Harris.

46 man roster break-down:3 q.b/21 cdn/22 imp: 4-man reserve will consist of 1 cdn/3 imp.....Looking at the makeup of the roster,Charbonneau will be the cdn reserve,as for the 3 imp spots,with 9 l.b. listed on chart,it looks like at least 1 or 2 could be reserved,likely Harris and possibly Bowman,or both.The other reserve will likely be Tasker,as 9 rec listed on chart,Walker at r.b also a possibility,but highly unlikely the team risks only dressing 1 rb for game,in case of injury.Only 1 reserve O.L. listed(O'Neill)but with both fb/te (Delahunt/Deidtrick)slated to dress,should add some much needed blocking help on line,and O'Neill can fill in at both guard and center.Only 1 reserve d.b listed for game(King)at Safety,but can always switch Murray back there in case of injury,with Isaac taking over at l.b,since Murray and Isaac will rotate that position depending on run or pass defense.Beswick can also play either l.b or d.b. if called upon.Overall it looks like our healthiest lineup we've had in sometime,only starter listed on I.L. is Webb as well as backup o.t. Dile. It appears that Austin and his coaching staff played it right last week in the Peg,resting most of his starters,and will field our best line-up of the season,for our most important game of the season.

GO CATS GO!!!!!! time to go pluck some birds,on our way to sinking the boat in Tor. next week!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :thup: :thup: :cowboy:

Best and healthiest starting roster all year.

Agree that SCC will be the NI healthy, gameday scratch. I think the import reserves/scratches will be Tasker, Walker & Bowman.

Another good article about the Ticats in the Ottawa Sun, Ellingson set to go

[url=] ... his-season[/url]

Love the stuff about the daily bus rides. Heard Austin refer to it a bit but it is clear that the players have made the best out a potentially difficult situation to grow closer as teammates. Happy to have Ellingson back in the lineup again and hope that he is able to shine!

Both reported "injured" Allwets listed as starters:

[url=] ... 115429.pdf[/url]

I think the key to this game will be our offense figuring out Montreal's defense and play calling to overcome their risky blitz heavy defense. I'm not trying to undersell the fact our defense needs to hold Smith and the Als under 25 points, but the strength in Montreal is in their defense. When they win, it's because they kept their opponents scoring low.

The problem with Blitz, is generally there is no one quick and easy play that deals with it generically. Yes, short dumps, bootleg passes and screens tend to work, but the problem is that the first is dependent on the which linebacker is blitzing, and short dump to the wrong receiver can quickly become an in, the second is dependent on your receivers selling the DBs on a throw and the back escaping quick enough to make yardage, and the last is really dependent on what kind of blocks and how it's picked up by the DBs. Of course, if the O.Line can buy enough time, long passes can work also against the blitz, but with how good Montreal's pass rush is, I wouldn't be banking on that.

Kyries Hebert being out, Byron Parker being out really benefits our chances of dealing with that defense. Geoff Tisdale had an ankle injury, but given he's walking, I doubt that's going to effect him game time. Tyrell Sutton is playing banged up, although it's a shoulder problem so that might not be overly severe. Eric Deslauriers being out is a non-factor. Brandon London is still an excellent receiver.

Dales and London as opposed to Whyte and Deslauriers is a huge upgrade in my books. Hebert is a game time decision but Brouillette has played just as well. A rookie on the corner is my concern.

Deslauriers out of the lineup makes the Als better. London in. Use Lavoie more. Those by themselves are huge upgrades over #9. Who I think is useless btw!

Also Whitaker has been activated. Not sure yet what it means but curious to find out.