Depth Chart East Final

Fantuz, Madu and Dyakowski on

The Spec's Drew Edwards believes Dile will be the International scratch. The National reserve, I think we can safely guess, will be Aprile or Fantuz.

Only down to Starters now beauty GO CATS GO!!!!

Ticats add Andy Fantuz, Peter Dyakowski to active roster
The Ticats have made some significant roster moves this morning:

  1. They've added receiver Andy Fantuz to the active roster from the one-game injured list, meaning he could play Sunday versus the Alouettes. It doesn't mean he will play – I expect head coach Kent Austin to call it a game-time decision – but it means he has a chance.

  2. They've also added offensive lineman Peter Dyakowski to the active roster and I expect he'll play Sunday. He won't start – they won't mess the chemistry of the current unit – but will play in certain jumbo packages, on special teams and in case of injury.

This will be Dyakowski's first game back since tearing the patella tendon in his knee in last year's Grey Cup. A fan favourite and a good dude, Peter's pretty easy to root for and he's worked his ass off to get back. He said he would play this year...

To make room, the Ticats have moved Joel Reinders and Carson Rockhill to the one-game injured list.

  1. Jake Olson will also be the left tackle, with Joel Figueroa moving to right. The Ticats have replaced Jeremy Lewis on the roster with American Marc Dile, though I would expect Dile to be scratched.

  2. Deffensive back Emanuel Davis, who has been a frequent healthy scratch, moves to the one-game injured list. That's a strong indicator that corner Delvin Breaux is healthy.

Minor correction -- Rockhill hasn't moved. He was on the 1-Game Injured List for the Nov. 8th game and remains there.
The additions for this game are Madu, Fantuz, Dykowski and Dile.
The 4 gone from the last game roster are Carter (released) and Davis, Reinders and Lewis all moved to the Injured List.

Glad they are still able to keep Sinkfield in lineup. Just another weapon Montreal has to worry about.

Just checking quickly on the Great Grigsby vs Montreal defence.

35 attempts for 200 yards Rushing. Almost a 6 yard average.

The Great Grigsby is pure magic vs Montreal Defence.

Also, the flattening of Woods was a thing of beauty. And not too mention the 2 "Alouettes, gentille alouettes" that parted like the red Sea as Grigsby scored the touchdown!!

Montreal depth Sutton at rb :smiley: or Rogers kick returning :smiley:

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Thanks for the depth chart......I'm feeling good about tomorrow. :thup:

Comparing the MTL chart for this game to their line-up here on Nov. 8th, they’ve made quite a few changes:

Starting DE Brikowski #45 is out with a concussion. #55 Knapton takes his spot.
Tisdale #12 is back in starting a CB. Ellis #38 was the starter last time.
#3 Gilyard is the returner in place of #80 Rogers.
Sutton #20, who started Nov. 8th at RB, got hurt, and was replaced by #26 Rainey is out and #33 Rutley gets the start this game. #46 Beaulieu starts at FB ahead of the previous starter #82 Zaleski.

Also, 4 changes among backups:
Added: #25 Knowles (DB), #36 Townsend (DB), #50 Roberts (DE) and #44 Lue (DB)
Out: #47 Webb (DB), #16 Roy (LB), #99 Rayford (DE) and #40 Fournier (FB)

Knapton is and was the starter. He was returning from Concussion last week so was listed behind Brikowski. The only other change on the dressed roster will be D.J Roberts taking over Brikowski behind Knapton.

Thanks for clarifying that Knapton is #1 at that DE spot, when he's healthy.
Just to be clear, my comparison and list of changes is between this game and the Nov 8th game vs. HAM. You're comparing the MTL depth chart for this game to last week's semi-final vs. B.C.

If Fantuz is cleared to play, then this may be the strongest team fielded this season!
Short of Gable, Bulcke and LeFevour.

I am so pumped, they should have put me on the 46 man named