Depth Chart @ CGY

Good effort.
Never said bad weather never happens. Bad weather happens in summer too. To the point where its difficult to pass is rare.
But to think some magic weather switch gets flipped after thanksgiving and you have to run every other down is silly.

If an international DB does down, then I imagine that one of two things will happen.

  1. Murray will go to the spot the injured player was playing, and another LB will take his place.

  2. Adeleke will go to the vacant spot, and Daly to FS.

Adeleke filled in for CB, DHB, S and SLB when he was with the Stamps. I would assume he would go to the vacant spot.

That’s what they have done so far. Adeleke moves and Daily comes in first. Then Murray moves and a backup linebacker comes in. Most likely Beverette in this case. After that Beverette is a natural DB so he would move and another backup linebacker comes in. Not the best but any team that looses 3 DBs would be hurting.

Unless, of course, Adekele gets ejected with another DB. I have think the team did it very well with Daly at S, Murry at CB, and Langa at SAM (until he got hurt).