Depth Chart @ CGY

Sutton on PR

Langa, who went out just before the half, on Labour Day, with what looked like a left knee injury, has been put on the 6-Game Injured list. We have more players (14) on the Injured lists than on the expanded Practice Roster (13). And, a dozen of the injured are on the 6-Game list. :frowning:

I’m surprised to see Palmer activated. However, he’s the likely Reserve this game unless Mathews is hurting, again. (?)

There might be injuries but that lineup still looks solid. Especially on defence. The return of Laurent should help put more interior pressure on BLM when he’s in the pocket.

That’s quite a formidable D-Line licking it’s chops. Hopefully Davis gets to say hello to his old teammate Bo after he pummels him for a sack. ;D

Tasker resting up for the home stretch, I hope.

Sutton either not yet in game shape, or not sufficiently familiar with the offence.

With this being a two-game road trip, I wonder if there is any chance of activating a player in time to face EDM next week?

DBs, with no backups dressed, need to be extra careful not to throw punches or push officials this game.

ExPat - Hopefully you’re right about Tasker - it’s been a bit of a lost season for him this year.

This does look solid - especially on the D and O lines.

That’s definitely lean on the back end. Fortunately inet, Murray doesn’t look out of place back there.

I wonder if they would consider putting Bennett on defence in an emergency. He played LB and safety in university, from what I remember.

Agreed but as much as the lines both look solid depth wise the secondary is looking quite the opposite with only Daly dressed as a reserve . Incredibly thin in depth in the back five . I’m guessing in a pinch due to an injury or god forbid more ejections (hopefully not ! ) in this one we could always shift either Murray or Beverette back there much like we did in the Labour Day game . Hopefully we won’t have to worry about it and can only hope we come out of this one relatively injury free and ejection free unlike our last game .

Disappointed the Sutton is not playing. If he’s not ready hopefully he will be soon. He’s a vet we could use against the Stamps. There is a huge difference in Toronto and Calgary. I hope Bennet can repeat what he did on Labour day and protect Dane from the Blitz.

I think it would have to be an major emergency as he is starting RB.
Don’t think Cats want a 60 minute player.

The Ticats clearly think Bennett can do the job at RB.

Give him a chance.

Sutton is plan B.

I think you missed the word “emergency” in my post. While I wouldn’t think they’re about to flip him to defence on a whim, if they didn’t have enough DBs to finish the game, even after sending Rico back, what would they do?

The guy is another Swiss army knife. Has played on both sides of the ball and on special teams.

Anybody else yearning for a a good old-fashioned ground pounding attack? ???

I’m craving a 20 carries for 140 yards type of RB performance. In recent years Gable and Green have had a few games like that but lately they’ve been few and far between. Now with the fall weather coming we can’t just rely on the pass.

Hopefully once Sutton is ready to go we will see some games like that. It would really take some pressure off of Evans too.

And end of November in Calgary, odds are it’s going to be either cold or windy (chinook). Either way, the passing game will suffer.

I vaguely recall old Shultzy saying that it is not always running teams that win, but sometimes winning teams that run.

In other words, when you are ahead you can afford to run, to burn off the clock, and your RBs generate yards. When you are behind, you need yards quickly, and to save time, so can’t afford to run.

Besides, a quick 5 yard pass, produces just as much as a five yard run, and with CFL passing rules, probably more of a sure thing.

For me, CFL rules encourage using the run to establish the pass and deflect the blitz, more than to gain actual yardage, although a back like Andrew Harris is certainly one sweet bonus.

Grey Cup 2017. Snowing. 670 combined passing yards.
75 combined rushing yards.

The notion that a team has to rush the ball more late in the season because weather something something is cliche and completely outdated thinking.

I think I heard - or maybe it was just an opinion - that Bennett could likely play on D if there was an urgent need. I’m sure they wouldn’t toss him back there unless absolutely necessary while he’s starting at RB.

I thought he might be in the lineup but it would appear the coaching staff wants to give him a bit more time to become familiar with the offense. I’m sure he’ll either be travelling with the team or at least joining them and possibly playing next week or at the latest, in the Winnipeg game. In the meantime here’s hoping that Bennett can find some success this week and more importantly stay healthy for the whole game. It seems most of our RB injuries have occurred early in the game leaving the team scrambling to adjust for the lost plays they had planned.

Hoping the see the “streak” ended with a W in Cowtown tomorrow! :slight_smile:


A driving ice cold wind and rain should have no effect at all on:

Receivers running routes on a slippery turf.
The QB’s grip on the ball.
The receiver’s grip on the ball.
The ball’s trajectory during flight.
The receiver’s vision impaired due to a wet or fogged up visor.

Yeah. It’s just like playing in a dome. 8)

Lots of respect for Williams playing both sides of the ball and at those positions! Give the kid his own oxygen tank!


But…but…they started it.