Depth Chart: Cats Vs Riders 2021


It's interesting that the Cats are playing Ciraco at Center and playing him for a snap then playing Yarbrough for the rest of the game. SpeedyB will have to be our Designated American, so he will have to play the majority of the snaps on offense. Wonder if this changes at all depending on a MTL win tonight.

Another change is Papi White returning for us. He is replacing Bertolet spot on the game day roster.

They've certainly been taking advantage of that new rule and getting away with it. There's bound to be some change when the Rules Committee gets together in the off season. Replacing a starting Canadian, with a veteran American, is supposed to be allowed only when the starting Canadian "suffers an in-game injury."

The Riders' "Resting Roster" is impressive.
Out, compared to their most recent game's chart, are 9 starters -- QB, RB, SB, RT, both DTs, MLB, WLB, S -- and a couple of back up LBs.

Pretty skinny in the depth department in the secondary ( 1 bu ) and in the interior of the D-Line ( 0 bu ) . Hopefully we don't get any in game injuries in these two positions or it could produce a domino effect especially if we lose big Teddy in the middle of the line . I guess that in a pinch Bennett could go in as a replacement if need be .

Also see that Santos-Knox's back-up Wilson is out for this one . So memo to him as well as all others for this game....Behave Yourselves !!! Don't , I repeat Don't do anything stupid that gives the refs a reason to send you to the showers earlier than expected .

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Really hoping we see Dane get a half, or a quarter at least.

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As for the lack of back-ups in the secondary, don't forget that Tyrice Beverette could fill in if need be.

Duly noted . Let's just hopefully get out of this one with no major injuries . We can all agree just come out relatively healthy and ready to go next week in the ESF . :crossed_fingers: :+1:


Your Dreaming!



28 today


It's a safe bet you will see Dane on more than just short yardage plays tomorrow.
Betting on when, and for how long, would be a more risky wager, certainly if made in advance of seeing some of the game.

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What was the point of paying him all season if he can't even play when he may be needed?

If protocols don't change in 2022, he would become a home game-only player. Can CFL teams really afford that?

Three Canadian receivers starting tomorrow for Riders. I don’t think we even have three on our team (unless you consider Burt).

"There's no evidence Steinauer promised the starting quarterback's job to Masoli".

The job was won in training camp

If that's the case he'll be back next year right?
Evans has done nothing to prove he's better so it should be pretty straightforward no?

No it's a one year league

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Of course it is.

Burt ? Whose Burt ?... Reynolds ? , Bacharach ? Convey ? Cummings ? Burt and Ernie ?

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Money talks.bc showed that overpaying for a qb leaves little to build around him. Ticats will look to pay less