Depth chart Cats vs Lions

Depth chart for Saturday’s game .

Notes :

  • only listing 2 QB’s . Moniz not on chart and is listed as on PR .
  • Ryan out and Addison in at WR and primary KR/PR . Ryan placed back on PR .
  • Banks listed as starting at SB but likely one of the two game scratches like last game .
  • Green as expected out and White in at RB . What was not expected is that Green is now listed on the 6 gm
  • Chart only showing 45 players listed (2 qbs/21 Cdns / 22 Amer .) which means that 2 Amr are game day scratches and the team dresses one less man then the mandatory 44 game day roster .
  • Both Owens and McDaniel remain inactive and still on the PR .
  • Richardson in at back-up DT and Cooper out as backup DB listed on PR .

BC.'s Depth Chart :

It’s going to be interesting to see if we can contain that BC D-Line with two of the best in the business in Willis and Lemon coming off the edge and former Cat Coleman inside . The Lion Defence as a whole is a rather scary looking bunch . They are leading the league going into this one in several categories such as…

Most Sacks : 31
Ints for : 16
Pass Knockdowns : 41

Personally I’m not liking our chances in this one especially with no Banks and no Green to go along with no Saunders and Williams as well . Hopefully we can keep it low scoring and close heading into the 4th qtr if we want to have any chance of pulling up a “W” in this one .

Who replaces Speedy B at WR if out for a second week? l

Nobody replaces Speedy B, We will attempt to do it with Speedy A, Addison it will be interesting to see how close he can come. :-\ ::slight_smile:

I bought tickets for the game at BC Place. Now that Banks isn’t playing I wish I hadn’t.
The Lions are tuff to beat at home and I think it is going to be a long night for the Cats.

Sadly I don’t like our chances, the lineup is not ideal and JJ is a stubborn coach. He speaks of adjusting sets, plays etc but rarely does. Please don’t run that dumb hitch play, it never works. Toliver better step up tomorrow, his play has been poor this year. We literally have nobody other than Tasker that can be relied on in the receiving core.

I hope they pull out a win and some of theses guys step up.

I’m worried that Masoli will not have enough receivers (except tasker) in the right position
to catch the ball, and he will try to hard to extend the play and will either throw a pick or
run and get hurt. Cross your fingers that doesn’t happen.

Re. Banks…

I suspect the injury is worse than the team is letting on…

If had to bet I’d say they’ll hold him out until the Ottawa game(s)…And like others, I don’t like our chances against BC with their D-Line and our lack of weapons on offence…

Lets get it boys. No more falling apart when you need to win.

Agree 100%. Jones is showing himself to be equally as stubborn as Austin was when things aren’t working. Toliver has looked disinterested at best, seems to be cutting off his routes often when the ball’s not coming his way…which is why the ball ends up not coming his way.

Well process of elimination looking at the depth chart it looks like it's going to have to be one of either Addison , Erlington or Faubert-Lussier .

The thing that doesn't make a lick of sense to me is Jones in his presser telling the reporter that Banks didn't make the trip west with the club . The reporter then asked Jones then why is Banks listed as starting on the depth chart ? Jones answered that Banks is always listed on the depth chart . If he knew he wasn't going to dress him in the first place then why bother putting him on the chart ? Why not just place him on the 1 gm and activate another player to the game day such as Ryan or even CO2 ?

Another question that hasn't been answered or addressed is why exactly are we only dressing 2 QB's for this game ? Why exactly is the reason for putting our 3rd stringer on the PR and playing a man short with only 43 dressed instead of the usual 44 ?

Almost like it’s a trait of all veteran coaches and not just Kent Austin…

I can answer your first two questions but only guess on the last two.

Banks gets a full game cheque either way – whether he’s a Reserve, as he will be again this week, or on the Injured List. If they put him on the Injured List and activate another player, from the PR, that player would also get a full game cheque (1/18th of his contract salary), which would be considerably more dollars than his PR pay, and those dollars count under the SMS cap. Also, that player would likely be named a Reserve and not play anyway. So, the short answer is $$$.

My first guess on Moniz would be illness or wanting time off for something personal. Other than that, I’d have to guess that things are very tight, with dollars under the cap, and he agreed to take a cut, this week, to PR pay.

Banks is not playing.

Weren't those the initial reports anyway? probably kept out until after the bye week etc etc....

I was thinking the same thing. Makes you wonder how close to the cap the team is running.

Or is that they are looking to bring in someone expensive in the next few weeks?

I never said it was “just” Kent Austin.

You guys need to get over your sensitivity to that situation. Kent was the architect of his own downfall, just like Jones will be the architect of his UNLESS he realizes that you can’t just keep doing the same stuff that’s not working & blame it on poor execution.

TSN: Whitlock will be the other (with Banks) Reserve tonight.