Depth Chart - BC - September 7th

Depth chart is out for this Saturday's return match in Guelph versus the Lions.

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Boudreaux replaced by Scott. Murray on boundary side corner for Brown. Isaac at WILL. Davis on field side corner as he was last week.

Not dressing a FB/TE with Delahunt or Diedrick.

Some interesting roster movement. Shomari Williams has been put on the 9 game IR. That'll help with the SMS as his salary for the last half of the year won't count against the cap.

Brohm, Bowman, Gascon-Nadon, Lauther have come off with them all going to the 1 game except for Lauther who is on the PR. Atkinson & Fortin get rolled over to another 9 games. They have Delahunt on the 1 game. Maybe there's hope he's not lost for the season. They can always put him on at another time.

Not feeling good about this game this week . I hope I am wrong .

Our Storng Side defence was had pretrty good last week with end around and crossing patterns by Gore and easy passes to Moore.
I hope Davis, Webb, Isaac , Stephen are up to the challenge , I see Rico Murray will have the Arcenuaux assignment which seems good .

Boudreaux being out is not good as he was gaining momentum and confidence and likely has become our strongest pass rusher . Let;s hope Scott has a big game in him .

I wonder what no FULL BACK in our lineup is going to do to our running game ? can't do that well . We might see more of Stala this week .

The "PRE AUSTIN " TICATS have often had an opportunity gift wraped for them and have nto taken advantage of it in the past . This year they have the ARGOS and ALS without their star quarterbacks for the foreseable future . The TICATS I know have not taken advantage of such opportunities in the past and sort of backed in to the playoffs hoping the worst west team is worse than then and can't cross over . I hope this team can gert a few wins from BC, Calgary , Montral over the next 3 weeks and take a run at first instead of backing in .

Not having Delahunt or Diedrich will have an adverse effect on pass protection .
This limits our ability to stretch the field, which I believe is the Lions weakness
Austin has to set a game plan that allows Burris to get rid of the ball faster.
This will also effect the running game.

It leaves us with a short passing attack and not good prospects for running the ball.
I predict B.C will blitz a lot.
Burris must have a great game.

We will also miss Boudreau.
Murray on the corner might work.
Issac at fulltime linebacker will work.
B.C will try to throw deep.

Spot on PatMac! And in about 1/10th of the words I would waste saying exactly the same thing!

Murray needs to lock-down Arceneaux. Shut him down, and the rest of BC's receivers will fold like lawnchairs. Then blitz the heck out of Lulay!

2 back sets with Gable & Walker/Moore. Spread the field with them both horizontally with screens & wheel routes & run them up the seams deep to stretch vertically.

Can still run a TE set by bringing in O'Neill at guard & shifting Wojt out to TE. Pure blocking scheme since Wojt isn't a threat receiving.

A consequence of the FB injuries is that Stala (or C-Campeau) will be on the field for every offensive play, which will be a first for this year.

Because the offence is thin on backups, I am guessing Walker and Moore both play, with healthy scratches Dile, Marshall, Bussey and Hobbs. Moore, Greene, Walker as the DIs. I am wondering whether Moore or Walker will line up wide as deep threats on occasion.

It is a line-up more vulnerable to in-game injury than the Cats have been fielding lately, IMO, except on the O-Line where they have two back-ups.

Im really concerned that Rico Murray who's been playing LB mostly so far is now going to go up against the fastest scariest reciever BC has. i trust the coaches it just seems scary too me.

There’s only 20 canadians listed on the 46,which is the ratio for the game day roster.This means 4 imp. will be on res.list
We are getting pretty thin in Canadian content,with at least 6 players going down to injury in the last couple of games.
Giguere-wr,Delahunt-fb/te,Deidrick-fb,King-db all on I.L and Williams-de,Mutobala-db on 9-game.Imports are easier to find and replace than Canadians,which is a concern here.We do have Nadon-dl hopefully ready to finally get into the lineup in the near future and Husband-g on 1 gm I.L as well,but it looks like D-lineman Fortin and Atkinson are done for the season as both have been extended on 9 gm.There are only 3 cdn on p.r. 2 O-L Rockhill and Rice and kicker Lauther.
Hopefully we don’t have anymore Cdn players go down this game,cause if we do,we’ll be scrambling to find adequate replacements to restock our roster with.