Depth Chart - BC game

It’s posted, and no big surprises that I can see. Both Mac and Baggs are listed as backups, but we’ll see if either see the field. No changes at QB, RB or OL. I was wondering if (hoping?) they might switch QB 2 and 3, but I wasn’t really expecting it. And no Cuttino yet - no surprise there either. As “announced” by Drew, Fish is in for Carter, which messes with the ratio a bit. Guess we’ll see how that plays out with the reserve.

Jeremy Gibbs will take the spot vacated by Khari Long. Reggie Fish will take the import spot from Shannon James and Jonathan Hood will take the non-import spot from Matt Carter. I'm expecting McIntyre to dress, but if he doesn't James would probably stay or they could go with Ike Brown.

I thought that after the Carter injury, MacKay would be the the NI who would be taken from the PR to take Carter’s place. But thanks for pointing all that out, MP.

The fact that McIntyre wasn't put on the Injured List, would likely mean he's dressing, or at least being considered right up to game day. I'd be surprised to see both him and Gibbs dressed. If one of them isn't designated as a Reserve, James would have to be the other Reserve IMP along with Baggs and Ike Brown.

I still think Baggs will play.

If he does, the Cats are being extremely deceptive with the media by presenting him as not having yet chosen the number he'll wear as a Tiger-Cat. And, I wonder what that number will be. I believe both his college # and SSK # are both taken here.

Ok, I hope and pray Baggs will play.