Depth Chart - Aug 2 @ EDM

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Depth chart is up. Changes to the 46 from last week ...

ON: Collins, T. Davis, Filer, Greene, Husband, Webb
OFF Diedrick, Hage, Isaac, Lamar, Moore, Rosamonda

For fun. take a look at the "Pronunciation Guide" in the Game Notes .PDF! I guess that's for Rod Black!

Looks like Brandon Boudreaux (Pronounce BooDro!!!) is getting the start ahead of Marshall at DE. T. Davis is in @ DT for Moore. E. Davis moves to boundary side defensive half from field side corner last week, while Hobbs moves from wide side half to wide side corner. Webb is back in at his usual field side defensive half.

Newcomers Collins & Greene both making the trip to Edmonton. Will see if they make the game day 42.

Don't understand the reasoning behind starting E. Davis ahead of Brown.

Glad to see Boudreaux back in the starting lineup. It only took them four weeks to see that he's our best defensive end.

I'm excited to see Torrey Davis back in the lineup.

We need to win at least two of these next three games, which is unfortunate because I fully expect to lose tomorrow night.

Brown has not been good in the games he's played. Seems a little confused when they play cover 2 as far as his responsibilities. I think his 3 INT pre-season game was an aberration.

Agree ... Looking forward to seeing Boudreaux & Davis on the DLINE.

Guessing that the NI scratch is Bucknor (leaving the extra depth in the O-Line with 2 backups, Husband and Filer), the import scratches are Dile, Collins and Greene and the DIs are Brown, Marshall and Walker.

Agree with the NI scratch being Bucknor. I think Austin will want to carry two NI Line backups for a safety & "jumbo" sets in short yardage.

Not sure Marshall will make the game day 42. They haven't dressed 3 Import DE's yet. I think Collins gets the nod to backup Bakari & help on punts/kicks. Think Dobson is one of the DI's.

Edmonton’s depth chart is up here. Very few changes from their game last week vs. Montreal.

So even the league can't figure out how to pronounce Figueroa?

Funnily enough it wasn't even his last name ... It was "JOE-Elle"!!!

Think that Collins might dress instead of Grant,seeing as it was reported that he was dinged up in practice,or they both
might dress just in case Grant goes down and thus not as much shuffling and scrambling with depth.Also agree that both
Filer and Husband both dress for added depth on the O.L. and added beef on the jumbo package.Sounds like Boudreaux
is out of the Austin doghouse and will finally play first game since opener,leaving Marshall as one of the reserves,Dile is
obviously another reserve as he was injured last game.The other import reserve right now,I can’t figure out,but my guess
would be the newcomer Greene at L.B. As for the Cdn. reserve,far as it seems,likely to be either Bucknor or Hinds.

8) How right you are with regards to Brown's play, especially in the last game.
 Less than stellar, to say the least !!  <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Brown was played out of position last game, in my opinion. He played great for two games on the corner, then moved to the half and struggled. Besides, it's hard to criticize the defensive backs when quarterbacks have had all day to sit back and throw the ball.

Nice to see Webb back in the line-up,with such a young group of rookie d.b.'s .Hopefully Dee can show them some veteran leadership and calming influence out there.I really like this young core that we have right now,much better and way more upside than the parade of d.b.'s we’ve seen over the last few years.With 6 of the 9 listed on roster as rookies,we need to let this young group gel as a unit.Besides Webb,only Hinds and Bucknor remain from this group from last year.Hinds has been a real mystery though these last 3 years,going from ratio-buster starter to back-up to in an out of the line-up in 3 years.Bucknor as well has gone from starting most of last year to in and out as well this year.I really believe that if we can keep this young core together and let them grow into a cohesive unit,they could be the backbone of the D for years to come. :rockin:

Lets see what a little bit of continuity can do for this team. This was the first week I didn't have to go to the roster to figure out what new guys were starting on D. Its not the exact same, but its a whole hell of a lot closer to the same than we have been all season.

I can live with watching these guys take to the field, I love the core we are putting together...hopefully undergo a true rebuild and we don't freaking dump half these guys by next season.

Plus, how many DBs can say they've never been beaten by Simon and Dressler?

Wanna keep a hopeful eye out on Stephan and Boudreaux on D, and Jones, Gable and the O'Neill, Wojt and Figueroa (right side) on O.

This is Boudreau's last chance . He has to play a lot better than the Toronto game ( game 1 )
If he doesn't produce pressure on the QB he will be released.
Good Luck Brandon !

Game Day Scratches

Hamilton = WR Dobson Collins, CB Matt Bucknor, RT Marc Dile & DE Craig Marshall.
Edmonton = CB Joe Burnett, LS Mike Benson, LB Kyle Norris & DT Eddie Steele.

With Edmonton scratching Joe Burnett ... That puts Chris Rwabukamba at field side corner for the Eskies ... That's the attack point for the TiCats ... Wide or Field side flats and deep is where the Cats need to strike!!!

Thanks FenderGuy69. It is a coaching staff vote of confidence for Greene (who I take it is a DI along with Brown and Walker, if they followed the depth chart). And also indirectly one for Hazime, who may have to take a series or two for Davis as he comes back from a long injury absence.

You called it. So far anyway.