Depth chart AL's vs Cats game 17

Depth chart out for tomorrow's pivotal game against the Larks,as usual several roster moves to report.On offense:The line sees the return of Figueroa at the RT position bookended by Dile at LT,Wojt shifts back to his more familiar RG spot.
2 reserves listed for game on line once again(O'Neill,Reinders)In the receiving core Banks starts in place of Collins(p.r)
Tasker listed as back-up to Giguere,but unlikely to dress,as it seems he's not 100% ready to go just yet.Rest of Offense remains basically the same as last game.

On Defense the Line remains the same,as last game,in the LB group,Bowman comes on roster replacing Bussey(released)to back-up Lawrence,and in the secondary only change is Rogers is added as a back-up,starting 5 remain the same.

The roster breakdown for the 46 is as followed....22 cdns/21 imp/3 qb.....meaning that the 4 man reserve will be 2 cdn/2 imp. Tasker will most likely be one of the reserve imp. the other will most likely be one from a group of LB-Harris/DB-Rogers/ guess here is that Harris is reserved for this one(inj last game and most likely not 100%)
The Canadian reserves I'm guessing will be the same two as last game....FB/TE-Deidrick,CCampeau-WR.

The biggest surprise to me is the insertion of Banks as starting receiver over Collins,which means he now draws double duty as starter and primary KR/PR.

This is the game of the year for our CATS and they need to come out flying in this one and play with emotion and intensity from start to finish.....basically if we all want an encore performance at Guelph this season,this game is the ultimate translation of a MUST WIN !!!!! LETS GO CATS,SHOW THEM THAT LAST WEEK WAS A FLUKE...EAT EM RAW :thup:

Thanks for the update and depth chart and I couldn't agree more, it's the last home game of the regular season and much on the line Tiger-Cat fans, let's bring the NOISE, and the House, the BIG BRICK HOUSE DEFENCE and Whip the Al's from Start to Finnish!!


Win this game and the reward is one more game at Guelph in the Semis. Like I said let's insure that there's an encore performance this season in Guelph,it's basically the old adage "Win and your In" I can guarantee you that at the start of the season not one of us envisioned the possibility of the Cats having a home(away from home)play-off date this season.

There D is pretty much set from here on out. The D-Backfield including SAM LB Issac have gelled nicely. If Breaux can come back healthy that gives them a solid six to fill the five cover spots CB, HB, and SAM to go with Rookies Stephan and King covering the safety spot.
On offense the Oline looks a lot nicer with Wojt back at RG. All three import OTs are quality starters unfortunetely the best of the lot Simmons is still out.
Intersting move at WR but Stall will still probably be part of the offensive package as well.
Ellingson being out could have been really a problem but Tasker came right in and was just as good.
If both Ellingson and Tasker do get healthy in time to play productively along with Giguere that also will be an even stronger unit.
LB spots are deep when they do not have any room for Bussey. Johnson, Lawrence, and now Bowman make a nice trio to cover Will and Mike. If the situation needs to present itself do to an injury I wonder if Plesius would be up to the task to see time at LB.
Would be a great addition to the offense if Walker is healthy and ready to contribute and having Delahunt back and healthy gives them an option to use the FB/TE as a receiving threat. Diedrick adds some great experience, a good blocker and teamer.
The Dline rotation is set and health Hazime has been solid all season and Gadon appears to be healthy and ready. both being Canadian really balances out the roster nicely and Davis is a Mountain to move and Bulcke has been great at DT.
Boudreaux has really blossomed in his second pro season at DE and NFL free agent Norwood has quietly had a great season.

IMO Joel Fig is their best O-Lineman, not Simmons

I am hoping Delahunt plays almost the old style tightend to assist against the blitz. If I remember correctly wasn’t he a TE in college?

Looking forward to a Ticat win.

That is a reasonable assesment. Lets say then Simmons is there best LT at this point

You are correct he was a classic style TE last season at UCONN.
I also like the use of a TE in offenses in the CFL that are not just good blockers but also a receiving threat.
Delahunt like Lavoi are two of the best at this in the CFL when healthy of course