Depth Chart aganist Edmonton :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Interesting predicament for Edmonton - where to kick the ball on kickoffs? Thigpen or Williams?

Pick your poison, guys. :twisted:

wow, looks like Dennis will start, he saw very few first team reps in the past two days, thought for sure Bo would be starting, can't say im upset about him not though

I agree, Bo is the most oversated player on the team..


I would have thought one of the O-linemen would have been the most oversated players. :wink: Overrated, I'll give you.

Dennis and Hinds were two of the least mentioned players on the team last week. Gotta like that in a DB.

I wouldn't look too much into the depth chart. If Bo took most of the first team reps in practice then I would expect him to start tomorrow.

I would expect the Cats to list him as a starter? By the looks of practice Dennis wouldn't even make the active roster, we will just have to wait until tomorrow night

The Evil Empire wants Thigpen. "GOAT HEAD SOUP" ................Eskimos Show It To Me........


It will be interesting to see how a quarter back who's been overthrowing receivers connects with a new guy generously listed at 5'9". It would have been less surprising to see B.Grant get the start with C.Williams substituting for an underperforming kick returner. This might mean Thiggy will get more reps at receiver.

Last week, Thigpen was listed on the depth chart as a runningback. This week, he's a slotback. Based on this, I suspect you're right.

It will be interesting to see who they send back on punts. I also hope they don't end up fighting for the ball on kickoffs.

I'm also interested to see whether Exume makes the 42. If he does, he could create some excitement on our coverage team.

Thiggy saw the ball A LOT in the walk through yesterday, and I haven't seen Glenn miss Williams once, he also saw a lot of balls come his way, I honestly don't think I've seen Williams drop a pass in practice in the past 2 weeks, I think he is a better receiver than Grant, it's his size that worries me, watch for the screen pass to Williams

Exume WILL make the 42-man roster. He'll be taking Wladichuk's place on the roster. They have to sit one non-import and it looks like it will be Mark Dewit again.

his tape says it all, this guy is a BEAST

No kidding. I saw that clip the day they signed him. I'm thinking, to hell with lanes with this kid. Just give him the green light to be the heat-seeking missile that he is, and let the fireworks begin.