Depth Chart 2024


Looking at that existing depth chart as it stands right now realistically looks like an skeleton expansion style roster . If that was the roster that we had to open the season with we would probably be looking at a 3 or 4 win season tops . Thankfully we still have a little less than a month before FA opens so we can start filling out the roster with our own FA’s and hopefully some much needed newbies to fill in the holes at LB / DL /
WR / P/ FG as well as depth behind Butler at rb and some added experience in the secondary .

Lots of work to be done before this depth chart starts taking shape looking promising and talented enough to start the season competitively .


Not a lot going on the defensive side of the ball. Deeply in need of a few D linemen and linebackers


That depth chart as it is and how it looks right now is pretty sad looking to say the least . The D listed would be hard pressed to keep the score in most games under 40 points at best . The O as listed would be hard pressed to put points in the teens on the board in most games at best .

Lots and lots of work still needed to be done and with the official FA window soon opening in around 3 weeks time the management of this team better get to work putting ink to paper on a lot of key contracts . Clock is ticking here fellas …Get er done !!!


As uncomfortable as this is, I suspect this should be exactly what we all want. The team we had last year wasn’t good enough. The only way the roster could be more complete looking today would be to bring back more of the team that wasn’t good enough last year.

I think it’s good that they’re not re-signing the majority of the 2023 team. We know some will still be back, but we certainly need some new names on the back of the jerseys and that happens a few weeks from now.

I’d guess the one name most everyone would like to see back is Tim White. White seems to have an off-season playbook. If I recall correctly, he went to the legal tampering period last year and explored options before signing in Hamilton. I’m guessing it’s more of the same this year, with hopefully a similar outcome.


People - the team really sucked last year. Especially the defensive line and the backfield.

Same people - why haven’t they signed the team back from last year?


I’m not sure anyone ever said the entire team sucked last year. There’s obviously priority signings people would like to see. The team may have their eye on some other free agents around the league and are waiting until the tampering window to see how things play out. Either way you may gamble and miss out on some good veteran talent.
30 free agents and a lot of veteran starters out of this still in limbo. Safe to say I think a lot of people were expecting to see a few more faces back by now or decisions made to part ways with others once Bo renegotiated. Cats are traditionally really slow in signing or announcing their signings so the vacuum gets filled up with speculation.


We have a couple of new Captains steering the ship now in Hervey and Milanovich. Yes they were here last year but now have complete control over their vision for this team.

As a result I think the Cats will have a mini-rebuild here or the very least a significant re-tooling. Especially on the defensive side of the ball.

I’m willing to be patient to see how Hervey and Milanovich put together the new squad. They are likely hard at work exploring every opportunity and putting together a list of coveted Free Agents to target.

There has already been quite a few signings of American newcomers to evaluate at training camp. No doubt they will find some gems there as well.

Ultimately though I think that Hervey and Milanovich do not seem like the type that will want to just “settle” for a mediocre player to fill a position. It should be a fun Free Agency and training camp.


I noticed that they are bringing in tall receivers alot of 6`4+ receivers… I am just nervous that we will see Tim White and Terry Godwin leave… i sure hope not


Big and tall guys are great for short to medium routes and jump balls but you still need fast guys like Tim that can be a deep threat. One quick juke that turns a DB’s hips the wrong way is all you need for a speedster to create a big play.

I’m confident we will have both types of guys at receiver this year. Hopefully these tall fellas have good hands.


Agree I think you need a variety of skill sets and size at receiver.

One thing I think we’ve missed in our receiving corps is guys who block well especially on screens. Not that the smaller guys can’t but I’d say the big, thicker body type players generally are much more successful. Bayless looked like he was a decent downfield blocker but outside of that our guys seem physically overmatched. If you could bring in someone like Rasheed Bailey from the Bombers he would help and can also go over the middle and catch the ball in traffic. But maybe one of these new guys coming to camp turns out to be a gem.


Fantuz could block. Took pride in it.

Craig Yeast for example could not. (Or at least didn’t want to try).

Wanted Rasheed Bailey last year too, but I doubt they’ll let him get away.


TOR’s NAT MLB Jordan Williams is a TiCat.
Three '24 drafts picks exchanged, with HAM dropping down an overall total of 5 spots in the picking order.


Okay so this is an interesting one indeed . Williams who qualifies as a Cdn was primarily used in the middle or MIKE position which begs the question as to what are the teams plans for Jameer Thurman then ? I can’t see the team signing both of them unless that is that maybe Williams is capable of also playing on the outside . We know that there is a vacancy at SAM with the announcement of Edwards not coming back and with Simoni not getting any younger and also a pending FA that would also leave the WILL as also a possibility if they do indeed re-sign Thurman .

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SAM is a DB position and he is too big for that spot

Williams is a an inch shorter but the same weight as Simoni, at WIL.

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I don’t know about that . If you look at the size differences between Edwards and Williams the comparison is actually pretty close .

Edwards is listed at 6’2" and 217 while Williams is two inches shorter at 6’ and only 13 lbs heavier at 230 . Meanwhile Thurman’s stats are listed at 6’ and 227 . Finally Simoni is listed at 6’1" and 231 .

In any case its going to be interesting to see how this all sorts out in a couple of weeks when the FA season opens up on the 13th of Feb .

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Its not about height its about weight. SAM is the nickel which requires a DB. Williams is too heavy to be a DB

He will be a middle or WIL

As mentioned, the SAM LB position in the CFL has evolved into a “Tweener” role - a DB who can tackle RBs, and an LB who can cover SBs. It’s why you see so many Safeties converting to SAM - a la Adeleke in the 2021 GC (althought that was for ratio necessity).

What would be more telling is his covering ability and times in the 40 and the various cone/agility drills.