Depressing days for Ottawa fans

I keep checking this board hoping for any tidbit of information about the CFL returning to Lansdowne Park.
It's depressing to find no new info for what seems like months. Has anyone heard anything recent (as in this March) about the Palmer group or the Steelhead brewery bid? Are we waiting for a new commish before there's any move to bring the Big R back?

steelhead brewery bid is nomore…the league snubbed d’angelo along time ago.

May be so, but Frank has let it be known he would come back in a heart beat if the league called.

I heard that Ted Hellard stated that the longer it takes the better to insure the right people will be in place for the franchise. They do not want tire kickers. D'Angelo is not a tire kicker but they are doing it right this time.

Any word on the Palmer group?


? why not put a nfl team in ottawa and a cfl team in la la land- L.A :cowboy:

I know ive said this before, but why not try to get a community group together to get an expansion franchise? Someone pointed out to me that it would be an initial investment of $466 per person, but if you look at what fans around the league spend yearly to support their team , that number is not bad. $500 per fan, they should get season tickets along with other perks that go with the investment. We have other fundraisers, such as the Touchdown lottery and I believe its a $300-a-plate dinner around the time that the Plaza of Honour is held every year. In some cases some fans spend as much as $600 or $700 year to support their team. If the fans truly want football back , why not try to see if their is an interest in community ownership. It works in 3 CFL cities and has the possibility of working in a 4th.

I grew up in Ottawa and moved away years ago but they're still me team. If I was in the city I'd look into helping get something organized.
The team used to be community owned during a lot of great years.

There's a pretty good discussion on this going on in the Ottawa-specific forum:

[url=] ... ic&t=15204[/url]

I want the Rough Riders back in Ottawa.

I wish I could find someone to sell me one of the old RR helmets.

The big white R on black.

Anyone have one for sale???

Sounds like community ownership might just be the way to go. In the first place it would take pressure off the league to "find" an owner.

And second, it's a good gauge to see if Football even should be in Ottawa.

What I mean is...If the fans haven't been showing up to games under other ownership, they might not want to commit to ownership themselves.

What happened to the Palmer group. I heard that 2008 was almost a sure thing.

Look around for a thread related to this
it was a discussed about a week ago, KPD.


They want Back get commitments from atleast 15K fans to buy season ticket deals for atleast 3 years Starting in 2008.

Thanks for the link to the Ottawa specific forum. I wasn't even aware there was one. ... mp;t=15204

KD, I'd love to get one of those old helmets as well.
B7, where did you hear about the seating guarantees?

I defend Ottawa attendance/suport in another thread, but I don't think this would work. I can't speak for everyone, of course, but faith in the CFL is not real strong even among the die-hards.

-During the ownership squabble throughout 2004 and early in 2005, Tom Wright constantly said that he had faith that the matter was going to be resolved in due time and appropriately. We waited and waited and ended up with the Gliebermans again. :?

-While Lonie was trying to find innovative ways to see more boobies, Tom Wright again endorsed the Glieberman "business plan", which apparently included firing all but a skeleton crew after the season and taking off for the ski slopes.

-After stating a commitment from the league towards the Ottawa market, they pull the plug after spending all of three weeks looking for owners.

-Prior to the plug being pulled, a number of us were going to attempt to be involved in a ticket drive, but the league prevented it.

-Since then, communication from the league to its fans has been nearly non-existant. We don't even know which SEASON is most-likely for a return or how likely a return is. We assume it's 2008, but we had been given no reason to believe it wouldn't be 2007 because we were supposed to just be "suspended". :roll:

The CFL has given very little indication that they would welcome the type of fan involvement that you (and others) suggest, and if they did, their past (in)actions give little indication that they would provide the support needed.

I mean, we couldn't just walk up and say "Hi, we're you're new Ottawa owners". We're not Frank D'Angelo. :wink:

CRF, your last post shows me why the CFL would not work in Ottawa. All of the fans are waiting for someone else to do something to get the CFL back. Is there no one in Ottawa willing to put out the effort to see how much fans want a team back? How many threads are there on this subject? All the fans in Ottawa, it seems, like to talk but not to ACT!

Sambo, you totally missed the point.

Any time that the fans attempted to get involved, we've been turned away. This is what I'm trying to get across.

The Renegades were going to have a ticket drive, in which a number of fans were going to be involved. The league said no.

I attempted something similar which would have involved a number of charities that the players (and other fans) supported. I got told that I couldn't buy tickets. I can't print them myself, Sambo!

To do what you suggest, we need the league's cooperation and we don't have it. And doing so now would be an even harder sell because all the times that the league has said they supported Ottawa, they crapped the bed.

The CFL has made it abundantly clear that they don't want our "help" in this.

oh quit the whiny bullsh!t .. if the fans of Ottawa were so interested in having a team - they would have bought the goddamn season tickets for $99 bucks. THEY DIDN'T - AND NOW THEY DONT HAVE A TEAM .. you all made your bed, and now you're all whining that the league isn't assisting the people that couldn't even assist themselves when they had a team!


If the city was so serious about having a team - they would have put in the effort to KEEP the team in the first place.