Denny Creehan's Lost Game Chart

In the pre-game warmup,our defensive coordinator dropped his colour coded game chart on the field while exchanging pleasantries with his former associates from Calgary..Fortunately,John Hufnagel was walking by and picked it up.The Calgary coach went to his own bench area and viewed the chart with an assistant.They both smiled and Hufnagel slowly walked down the sideline and called Creehan over to obviously ask him if the chart belonged to the Cat coordinator.Another chuckle ensued and the valuable document was returned to it's owner.
Now I know that our defence is pretty easy for the opposition to figure out but why give them the game plan before the game? Somehow I can't imagine Ralph Sazio or Don Sutherin losing the game plan.This may be viewed as a minor incident but perhaps it is symptomatic of a bigger problem.Draw your own conclusion.
Pat Lynch(the old guy with the binoculars in section 7) :cry:

Unless you know the signals for the schemes to be employed the info on the charts isnt all that helpful.

Besides by week 17 I'm sure Calgary knew everything they needed know about Ham.s defense.

To be fair the d-line played alot better , Burris was often forced to make great plays.

Cal. is a great team-a perfectly, strong and balanced attack.

Maybe the Calgary Coaches were chuckling because the plan was written in Crayon :slight_smile:

Was he able to stay within the lines?

For those who had a close-up view, did he have positions filled for 12 players, 'cuz I'll bet he only has 10 fingers, and for [b]most[/b]  of the season it has looked like we were short a couple of [b]tacklers.[/b] <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

How do know that did have 2 Charts.
The one could have Dropped on Purpose as a Rouse..
we get 2 picks

That would take way too much imagination, way past what our Defence ever shows.

Reminds me of an old Dilbert comic strip about plans falling into the hands of the competition: "Ooh! Ooh! They're planning to 'utilize synergy'. We're in trouble now! HA HA HA Stop! You're killing me!"

Someone just need to get Prez Mitchell the official PHB haircut. Or is he Catbert?

Hufnagel probably thought it was leftover from one of the High School games earlier in the day.

Hufnagel probably realized who wrote it and quickly got it back to Creehan, or some other Ticat coach might have had to design the defense for this week.

One look at what Creehan wanted to do convinced Huf that it was too good to be true and he decided to get it back to the man in charge before it was too late!

At least with our MLB gone to Winnipeg nobody yells at Creehan anymore!

Agreed...I thought the whole defense started out playing well. Unfortunately the offense didn't show up and the defense burned out by the 3rd quarter. Just once, it would be nice if the WHOLE team showed up to play.