Denny Creehan gets the..

Stamp of Approval

Ken Peters Hamilton Spectator

Jan 8 2008

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The Tiger-Cat defence is about to get its pounce back.

The expected hiring of....D.C. Denny Creehan
signals the start of a Steeltown defence

that will bring some blast furnace-like heat
to opposition offences this coming season.

"He (Creehan) has a lot of good blitz packages
and I think we need to improve that element
of a defensive package," said the head coach,

adding the Tiger-Cats will vary the standard
4-3 look with different schemes.

[Did you notice that all you fans of the 4-3 Defence?]

"the head coach [Charlie Taaffe] says the Ticats will likely
continue with the four-man front as their base defence."

Denny sure has had a variety of coaching duties

from Head Coach to Special teams

and co-ordinating on both
sides of the ball, no less.

I think he will be able
to adapt to using the 4-3 okay.

He sure seems to know what
offences do to attack the 4-3.

Click here and watch Denny's video
describing that to us and see what you think.

and here is his Professional Resume

Born 1949, Pittsburgh PA

Education: BS Edinboro University 1971;
MS Duquesne University 1973;
M.Ed., HPER, Univ of Pittsburgh 1977

Coaching Experience (33 years)

Army - 2003 - Special Teams Coach (D-IA)

Duke - 2001-2002 - Inside Linebackers/Special Teams (D-IA)

Rutgers - 1998-2000 - Defensive Coordinator (D-IA)

Arkansas State - 1997 - Defensive Coordinator (D-IA)

South Dakota - 1992-1996 - Head Coach (D-IAA)

Edmonton Eskimos - 1991 - Special Teams (Pro)

San Francisco State - 1990-1991 - Head Coach (D-II)

California - 1987-1989 - Special Teams (D-IA)

Edmonton Eskimos - 1985-1986 - Special Teams (Pro)

Edinboro University - 1979-1985 - Head Coach (D-II)

Edinboro University - 1976-1978 - Defensive Coordinator (D-II)

Carnegie-Mellon University - 1975 - Offensive Coordinator (D-III)

University of Pittsburgh - 1974 - Graduate Assistant (D-IA)

Keystone Oaks HS - Pittsburgh - 1971-1973 - Assistant coach

Family: wife, Linda, sons Kevin, professor at Virginia tech
and Casey, d-line coach Calgary Stampeders.

Yes, Ron...this bit too:

"While Creehan has enjoyed success with the three-four defence -- a scheme that sees a club use just three defensive linemen and four linebackers rather than the conventional four linemen/three linebacker format, the head coach says the Ticats will likely continue with the four-man front as their base defence,"

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Oski Wee Wee,